While “Pokemon GO” has lost a significant portion of its player base since it was launched in June 2016, Niantic is optimistic that the Halloween event will infuse fresh enthusiasm. The company has done an excellent job up to now in celebrating milestone moments throughout the year. Special bonuses have been meted out to entice lost players back into the game.

Players to get amazed this October

The 2016 Halloween event was a mega success. The game shot up to the top of iPhone charts. A remarkable level of user engagement was also observed. Niantic has recently announced that it will soon make this year’s Halloween event live.

This has got players excited about what’s in store.

Details are scarce right now. However, going by last year’s event, players can expect extra candy handouts and a number of Ghost-type Pokemon. The Halloween season is a very special time of the year for the game. According to Pokemon.com, Niantic has also promised a lot of amazing stuff in “Pokemon GO” later in October.

This time, there could be some increased Gen 2 spawns. For the next week or two, players could be hunting down new Legendary Beasts in their regions. Once the hype is out, everyone will start waiting eagerly for the “Pokemon GO” Halloween event. 2016’s event started on Oct. 26 and ended on Nov. 01.

None knows what Niantic has in store

Trainers are expecting a similar time frame for this year’s event. Details and the trailer may be released just two days prior to the Halloween event, like what Niantic did in 2016. While Gen 2 spawns seem most likely, Niantic may in fact choose to take a different route this year. The company cannot work with Battle Raids for now.

A number of Ghost-type critters made their way into Gen 3. Halloween would be the perfect time for Niantic to introduce new Pokemon to the game. They can earn double candy for every new critter caught, hatched or transferred. Last year, the Buddy Pokemon also earned candy four times faster.

According to Express, Ghastly, Haunter and Gengar may be joined by Gen 2’s Misdreavus.

The Dark Pokemon are also likely to get increased spawns during the Halloween event. The Equinox event will end today, and Niantic could be cooking up something really interesting to get payers doubly excited.

Recently, GameSpot reported that a new Legendary Pokemon has been added to “Pokemon GO.” Suicune, Raikou and Entei, the three Legendary Dogs, have shifted to a different part of the world. Thus, players now have the chance to add another powerful Pokemon to their collections.