A lot of “Destiny 2” players have most likely beaten the Leviathan raid. More players have attempted to complete the activity with a few people as possible. Successful teams have posted their videos on YouTube in triumph. The end-game PVE activity obviously rewards Guardians with exclusive gear and bragging rights. Upon completion, gamers can revisit the location and access another route that is apparently filled with loot. However, a recent exploit has been discovered that permits a player to access the chests solo, which is surely a great way to earn more gear.

Accessing the Leviathan raid chests in ‘Destiny 2’ solo

While some players might confuse this with the hidden access code that allows players to enter the ship via the pipelines, the Glitch actually allows “Destiny 2” players to clip through the map. What is surprising is that once Guardians have gone through the boundaries, the game allows them to access the Leviathan Raid chests through the walls and floors of the area. Therefore, unlike the regular method of going through scores of enemies throughout the map to get to these chests, a solo gamer can just make his way through the entire Castellum and earn the loot the easy way.

Video guide uploaded

To make it easier for players, instructional videos of glitch can be found on YouTube.

A user called squirelockholmes uploaded detailed footage of the Pipeline and Engine areas. Other gamers have also confirmed the exploit on social media and are apparently not limited to a certain character class. Nevertheless, based on the clips, the Hunter equipped with a triple jump ability seems the make things a lot easier.

The screen should prompt the action to open the raid chests once you are close enough to the wall or floor where it is held.

Valuable content expected

It is established that the exploit does not necessarily give players a big advantage during the raid itself. What makes it desirable for Guardians is the Exotic drop rate, which is supposedly one out of three.

Bungie is expected to address this bug quickly since gamers are expected to meet the challenges head-on and earn the rewards fairly. On the other hand, “Destiny 2” still suffers from the Leviathan raid Exotic weapon quest bug. Players cannot properly unlock the Legend of Acrius shotgun due to the issue. Fans expect the developer to patch the glitch out soon, so those interested should act soon. The publisher is expected to work out all the kinks just in time for the PC version release on October 24, 2017.