Bungie’s sci-fi shooter is in its fourth week, and according to their content release timetable, new features are to be expected. “Destiny 2” has undergone several tweaks after its launch a few weeks ago. The Leviathan raid, Trials of the Nine, and Flashpoints were all added to the game and reportedly enjoyed by players. As expected, just like the patches before, version 1.0.3 exceeded the developer’s estimated six-hour downtime. Nevertheless, everything seems to be up-and-running with the Faction Rallies currently live, along with fixes that address some of the reported in-game bugs.

‘Destiny 2’ Faction Rallies begin

Just like the launch of the endgame PVE and PVP game modes a couple of weeks ago, fans are reportedly excited to participate in Faction Rallies. Just like its predecessor, “Destiny 2” players can now visit each of the three factions located in the hangar, which is an amusing homage to the first game. Guardians can now choose to swear their allegiance with Dead Orbit through Arach Jalaal, Future War Cult (FWC) via Lakshmi-2 or New Monarchy through Executor Hideo. Just like with the other NPCs in the sequel, players can participate in weekly tasks to earn reputation tokens for their respective group.

These, in turn, reward Guardians with exclusive gear and a reportedly exclusive weapon at the end of each event.

Bungie reveals that the faction-related event will last for a week each time. The group that comes out on top by the end of the week is crowned the champion. The developer confirmed that the featured prize weapons could be purchased by any players for 50,000 glimmer, while Guardians aligned with the winning faction can grab it for only 1,000 glimmer.

Bug fixes and tweaks

Patch 1.0.3 apparently fixes some of the bugs that plagued some elements of the shooter. The weekly Call to Arms Milestone will now require fewer matches to complete. Bungie explains that they made the tweak to “align it with other weekly Milestones.” Crucible players will also notice that Power ammo locations have been tweaked for Supremacy and Clash matches.

Clan XP should now be awarded correctly when Guardians participate in Public Events. Players will also correctly receive their weekly clan Engrams this time around. A recently reported glitch, which allowed people to leave the map at the Altar of Flame location, is now fixed. The full “Destiny 2” patch notes can be viewed on their official web page. Faction Rallies might be the highlight of this week’s update, but the bug fixes and tweaks are appreciated.