"Heroes of the Storm" has just welcomed "Overwatch" character Junkrat and in it, the character is a ranged Assassin. Just like in "Overwatch," Junkrat is pretty much the same. According to Gamespot, his Total Mayhem capability lets him drop explosives when he dies so that he can cause further damage to opponents who happen to be nearby. He has the Frag Launcher capability that lets him launch a grenade to a specific target, by bouncing before hitting an enemy or maximum distance. Interestingly, he can also make this grenade ricochet off terrain.

Meanwhile, he also has the Concussion Mine that lets him install a mine in a specific location. This mine must be manually detonated in order to incur damage and blast enemies backward. Note however that Junkrat will also fall back from the blast, but will not get hurt from it. Lastly, Junkrat also has the Steep Trap ability that lets him place the trap which will damage the very first opponent who steps on it.

Junkrat has two Heroic options

"Heroes of the Storm" players should know that Junkrat of "Overwatch" will have two Heroic options, one of which is already familiar to fans and players. The RIP-Tire will launch a bomb that players can control for a short period of time and will be detonated to incur damage in a specific area.

Of course, enemies who are closer to the bomb will incur more damage than those who are far away from it. Another Heroic for Junkrat is the HotS: Rocket Ride, which enables him to jump on a rocket and fly it. While on air, he will be able to specify his landing spot before coming back down. Upon crashing, he deals damage by dropping Total Mayhem explosives.

Junkrat will also disappear in the explosion but will appear at the respawn Altar within five seconds. Note that Junkrat is able to ride out the rocket with up to 150% movement speed bonus.

New 'Overwatch' update out now

In other "Overwatch" news, Blizzard has just released update 2.22, which includes changes to Mercy, Lucio, and Zenyatta.

According to PlayStation Lifestyle, Lucio's speed boost after completing a wall ride has been increased by 65%. Meanwhile, Zenyatta now has additional voice lines for the Cultist version of her character. Lastly, Mercy's Valkyrie will not reset or reduce Resurrection's cooldown anymore. As for Mercy's Guardian Angel, players will now be able to glide past a targeted ally through the jump key. Mercy's cooldown will also no longer rest when her Resurrect ability is activated.

Junkrat and the rest of the "Overwatch" characters are now playable on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.