Destiny 2” players recently discovered one of the emotes in the game that allows them to glitch through almost all walls. Bungie’s second game installment like other titles in the gaming world has its own share of bug, exploits, and glitches. There are exploits in the shared multi-shooter title that makes the Calus fight of the Leviathan Raid mush easier to complete. In fact, the developer even postponed the launch of the Prestige Difficulty raid to fix this exploit. While the most recent exploit discovered in the game has not made any massive impact in the game so far, many players believe that the consequences could lead to major issues.

Wall Glitch

On YouTube, “Destiny 2” player named JB 3, recorded the latest glitch in one of the game’s emotes that allows Guardians to pass through any of the walls. This emote is also known as the Bureaucratic Walk-Monty Python, “Ministry of Silly Walks.” When this goofy emote is activated, players that they can put their left foot forward before shuffling the right foot and doing the process all over again without collision.

This also allows players to lean back even through walls. Interestingly, players have also discovered that if they crouch at a certain moment, they will find themselves at the back of the wall. The Bureaucratic Walk is now on sale at Eververse for 800 Bright Dust. So far, Bungie has not yet issued a statement about the latest glitch.

While the emote glitch is not a game-breaking exploit, it can also lead to serious problems in the shared multi-shooter title. Cheaters could use a glitch of this kind in the player-versus-player mode. This could cause a problem in Iron Banner and Trials of the Nine.

How to achieve the emote glitch

JB 3 on his YouTube video, shared several tips and tricks on how to achieve the emote glitch that enables players to pass through the walls.

The player should first equip himself with the Bureaucratic Walk emote. After that, the player must back up against a wall. The player must then do the emote, during the animation, it will automatically pass through the wall. As soon as it passes, the player must crouch.

Other details

Meanwhile, game developer Bungie has recently announced that the postponed Prestige Difficulty of the Leviathan Raid will be released as scheduled.

However, the developer noted that the exploit in the Calus fight is still not fixed. Bungie would like to completely find a fix for the said exploit without technically breaking any part of the game. Players can enjoy the much-harder version of the raid in “Destiny 2” on October 18.