Destiny 2” is one of the well-received titles in the gaming community today. The game director recently revealed that an extremely high-percentage of its players have already reached the end-game and have achieved the 300 level cap. The percentage has surpassed the developer’s original prediction. The second game installment from Bungie, like other titles today, has its own issues. It is just interesting to note that despite its imperfection, players still spend many hours on the game since it was released on Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

Impressive percentage

In a recent interview with EDGE, Luke Smith, game director of “Destiny 2” shared a significant data point about the players of the shared multi-shooter title. According to Smith, the number of players who have reached the game’s 300 level cap is far greater than they have anticipated. Even the development team is surprised to learn that an unexpected number of players have reached both the end-game and the level cap. The director believes that the data only means that gamers did not only try the game but stuck around until the end.

End-game content

Meanwhile, many players seem to be unhappy with the post-game content of Bungie’s shared multi-shooter title. This is despite the developer’s promise of upcoming expansions and regular rotating events since the game’s launch.

The general sentiment is that they are expecting more from the second game installment.

In their weekly update, Cozmo, Bungie’s community manager assured fans in the game’s official forum that they have been listening to the players’ sentiments. According to Cozmo, they need more time to digest the awesome response from the community.

The community manager also noted that they will have a more solid response in the nearest future.

Prestige Difficulty

The developer also announced recently that the delayed release of the Prestige Difficulty of the Leviathan Raid will go on as scheduled. Initially, the much-harder version of the raid is scheduled to start last October 10.

However, Bungie announced that it is going to fix the exploit in the Calus fight first before releasing the much-awaited raid.

Recently, however, it appears that Bungie was not able to come up with a solid fix for the exploit. According to the game developer, they cannot fix the exploit risking the potential of breaking another part of the game. Since they cannot fix it yet, the launch will still happen on October 18. However, those who are planning to use the exploit should no longer proceed with their plan since the game developer said that it will find time to know if the players used it.

Destiny 2” is now available on Xbox One and PlayStation 4. The shared multi-shooter title is expected to arrive on PC on October 24.