This may contain some spoilers.

The PC version of "Destiny 2" launched today and some leaks have come along with it. TheEcumene posted on the Destiny Reddit page today that he found some Files that could possibly be some new content coming to "Destiny 2" in the coming months. Some of it deals with dlc that Bungie has already talked about but most of it deals with returning characters and game modes coming back from "Destiny 1".

What's on the list?

Here is the list that he posted earlier today:

  • Voice lines about new worlds; Ganymede and The Myriad.
  • Voice lines about "Destiny 1" patrol zones; Venus, Mars, The Dreadnaught, and Old Russia.
  • Phobos and Mercury are also talked about, with Phobos hinted as a new patrol zone.
  • Cayde 6 dying. Future War Cult and New Monarchy mentioning his death and "What comes after." These may have been lines in the game and just scrapped though.
  • Shiro is on Mercury and Osiris comes to the tower again.
  • All "Destiny 1" events will return, along with new ones. Events like Festival of the Lost, Crimson Days, SRL, and things like that.
  • The Reef and Prison of Elders, along with Petra and Variks, are mentioned.
  • SRL returns, along with Marcus Ren
  • Black Garden and the Vault of Glass are mentioned.

So this is a lot!

Bungie has already talked about that the first dlc will focus on Osiris and Mercury, but everything else here is new. Some those these things have been rumors but nothing here has been confirmed. Bringing back older events would make sense since they were a major part of D1. The biggest things listed here are the new planets and possibly going back to the older planets. People have been complaining about the end game content for D2 right now and adding more story content with the older planets would make sense.

So what does all of this mean?

Well if this stuff is true then it's huge! Bungie has said that they will be having streams in the coming weeks to talk about new endgame content and some of this stuff might be the stuff they talk about.

Seeing what they could do with a newer version of Prison of Elders could be big since that would add another weekly activity to do. And since there were a few different versions of PoE in D1 then that could be another use for the guided games feature that is currently used for the Nightfall and the Raid. Prison of Elders is a wave-based game mode for those who haven't played D1.

The part of Cayde 6 dying is a deal if that ends up being a story point in the future. They made him the face of the game during all the marketing and killing him off before a third game would be a huge move. He's the character that everyone loves and he would need an epic death that makes sense, and they played it pretty safe in the main story of D2.

Bungie will probably address all of these things, if they are accurate, on some of the streams they will be doing. They usually stay pretty silent about rumors unless they are false. Until then we'll just have to wait and speculate.