Bungie has officially announced the winners of their Prestige Raid event in "Destiny 2," albeit a slight controversy surrounding it. The developer also rolled out updates for the game including some events lined up for PC players that are bound to play the first-person shooter on their platform.

And the winners are...

As mentioned, the developer has revealed the top three victors of the Prestige Raid. The teams that were deemed to be the first ones to "cross the finish line" are: Clan Redeem, Clans Hand of Faith/PRORAIDER/Add Control/ZFORCE NATION, and Clan ihavealife.

However, the "Destiny" community is somewhat torn as of late with Redeem's win as it was evident during their run that some of their players used the so-called coil glitch to beat the activity.


Bungie, also, announced the Raid challenge mode that will be rolled out on October 31. An optional challenge will be added to a different raid encounter every week. However, the game maker stated that they won't be telling any hints on how to complete the challenges. Players will only be notified in-game whether they accomplished it or not.

Raid Keys are here to stay

Meanwhile, Bungie rolled out hotfix 1.0.5 following the maintenance work that they did. The patch has provided a workaround on "Destiny 2's" Raid Keys that were erroneously removed from players' inventories.

The developer also highlighted the issues that PC players encountered while playing the fps title. They advised PC faithfuls to update their drivers to its latest version and accept any Windows updates before playing the game on their platform. Bungie went on to state that whenever an issue arises, players might want to close and relaunch both their Blizzard application and the "Destiny 2" client.

If the issue still persists, they suggest that players should delete their CVARS.xml file.

In line with this, Bungie rolled out "Destiny 2's" PC Launch Calendar revealing what is in store for the game's PC fandom. During its launch week that will kick off on October 24, Nightfall's Guided, Normal, and Prestige game modes will officially go live.

Week 2 will feature Normal Raids (November 1) including the return of the Trials of the Nine (November 3). By week three, PC players will get the chance to participate both in the Prestige and Guided Raid modes (November 7).

For the uninitiated, the Trials of the Nine was postponed until November 3 to the Monty Python emote (Bureaucratic Walk) glitch that enables players to clip through walls. As of late, Bungie has removed it from the game.

Fans near the Long Beach area might want to visit "Destiny 2's" panel today, October 20 over at TwitchCon as they share the latest intel about the game including some details about what Seasons are in the fps title. For those who can't make it need not fret as the event will be streamed on Twitch. Check out a video about the game here: