"Destiny 2" players are to be treated to more new content as Bungie launches the first Iron Banner event this week. The new game mode brings with it a new map called Distant Shore, which should be familiar to most PVP veterans of the first game as the Shores of Time map. Lord Saladin makes his return to the new Tower and now voices over the PVP matches instead of Lord Shaxx. It seems that the developer snuck in an enjoyable easter egg for players to discover during this special event. According to users, the aforementioned extra subtly references to “Overwatch.”

‘Overwatch’ Iron Banner Easter egg in ‘Destiny 2’

Unlike regular Crucible matches, which are usually hosted by Lord Shaxx, the Iron Banner PVP matches are handled by Lord Saladin, one of the original Iron Lords from the first installment.

According to players, one of the notable voice lines from Saladin is “die, die die!” “Overwatch” players will immediately recognize the phrase as Reaper’s voice-over during his Death Blossom Ultimate skill activation. Bungie loves to include something extra in games, like the comeback of Randal the Vandal in “Destiny 2” and the Floor is Lava mini-game, once players unlock the second social space in the game.

Moreover, the Iron Lord then follows up his comment by asking for a glass of water from Shaxx, after clearing his throat. Afterwards, there is a small exchange of words between the two characters, which is reportedly funny in itself. Users suspect that the developer intentionally included this little gem to acknowledge their partnership with Blizzard Entertainment, which will distribute and host the PC version of the sci-fi shooter when it launches later this month.

Reason behind the voice-over

Keith Ferguson the man behind the voice of Lord Saladin is actually the same voice actor for “Overwatch’s” Reaper. Therefore, it seems like the easter egg was perfectly planned out and kind of celebrates the partnership between the two developers. The final DLC expansion for the first game, “Age of Triumph”, also included an Easter egg that involves another voice actor.

The homage to Peter Dinklage randomly plays during one of the game’s missions and Nolan North cuts in and continues the rest.

More secrets to expect

This week’s Iron Banner PVP event was supposed to launch together with the Prestige version of the Leviathan raid. However, Bungie intentionally postponed the release to address some of the bugs that allowed players exploit the end-game PVP event. The “Overwatch” Easter egg is an enjoyable little add-on as Blizzard Entertainment hosts “Destiny 2” for PC this October 24, 2017.