Game publisher Ubisoft released new information about the “Assassin’s Creed Originspost-launch DLCs and updates. They were planned to be released after the video game was launched on Oct. 27.

The post-launch DLCs contain several story-driven expansions that tell the stories of the protagonist, the Assassin Brotherhood, Egyptian mythology, and more. There will also be a constant stream of free updates that contain new features for the game. These features will further improve the gameplay experience of the players at a later time.

Paid DLC pack details

There are two story-driven expansion packs that will be released after the game’s launch, two add-on packs, and small DLCs that will be available on the release date. These DLCs will include story expansions, new weapons, outfits, shields, mounts, and credits.

DLC 1 will be The Hidden Ones expansion pack, which will be the story of the Assassin Brotherhood. Players will be taken to a story several years after what happened in the base game, which will be a battle against the occupying Roman army in another region. The level cap will be extended on this upcoming DLC expansion pack, and it will be launched January 2018.

DLC 2 will be The Curse of the Pharaohs expansion pack, which will focus on Egyptian mythology.

Players will be going into the mystical realm of the franchise and will fight the undead pharaohs of the past.

Players will also fight different monsters in this expansion pack like the Anubis warriors, large scorpions, and more. They will be investigating the curse that has resurrected the ancient pharaohs. It will be available in March 2018, and the level cap will be raised even further with new Abilities to learn.

There will be two exclusive add-on packs on November that will add a new costume, mount, shield, and cool weapons. During the launch of “Assassin’s Creed Origins,” 500 Helix credits and one exclusive rare weapon called the Calamity Blade will be available for download. All of these DLC packs can be acquired for free with the Season Pass, which has a price tag of $39.99.

Free updates to launch with new features

The video game will also have free updates that will contain several new features that will enhance the gameplay experience for players. Some of these contents will be released in a form of launch events.

The Trial of the Gods will be grand battles against the gods of Egypt, and these will take place on special time events. Players who will come out victorious from these bouts will gain awesome rewards. The first trial will be held 15 days after the game’s launch.

The Nomad’s Bazaar will be in a form of a merchant that will give players some exciting quests daily. Players will get exotic rewards after completion, and they can access it on the game’s launch.

Photo Mode will also be available at launch, which will let them capture beautiful sights of ancient Egypt.

The Horde Mode will let players fight an endless battle against different enemies in the Gladiator Arena, which will be launched on early 2018. They can also get the Discovery Tour that allows them to view the world of “Assassin’s Creed Origins” without fighting anyone.

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