This week welcomes PC gamers into the World of “Destiny” as the second installment of the sci-fi shooter from Bungie makes its official debut on the platform. “Destiny 2” has been available for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One since September 6, 2017, while its PC version had its release date pushed back to October. Meanwhile, its performance on the charts has possibly earned it an achievement, which recognizes the game as the best-selling one of 2017 unless another one does better. Upcoming games like “Star Wars Battlefront 2” and “Call of Duty: WWII” are by no means pushovers.

‘Destiny 2’ makes its mark

The sales numbers were apparently taken from The NPD Group, who reported that “Destiny 2” was the top-selling game in September.” Moreover, it seems to have also moved more units compared to any other titles that have launched earlier this year. It is impressive that it was able to achieve this much in just a month. In fact, the sequel was “driving more launch month consumer spending than any 2017 release to date.”

The latest information obtained from the market research team also explains the disparity between the sales of the sequel compared to the original. It was earlier reported that the first game sold more physical copies than its sequel, which made it seem like the second title was unable to surpass its predecessor.

However, the combined sales of both versions managed to set a new record for Bungie. Its number of units sold in a month did even better than the original title. Even more surprising is that big-budget titles like “Horizon: Zero Dawn” and “The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild” were unable to move as many units as expected given their great reviews.

PC version launches

Considering that the data collected above only included the console versions of the game, the release of the PC version will presumably move its numbers even higher. Features like an unlocked frame rate and even better graphics than that those on the current platform only add to the game's quality. Keyboard and mouse controls should also make aiming more accurate and familiar for FPS-lovers out there.

A few months ago, during Bungie’s public hands-on demo for the shooter, consumer feedback was already positive for the PC version.

“Destiny 2” is shaping up to be another Best-seller for Bungie based on its current popularity. The developer continues to provide post-launch support and content, which is one of its greatest strengths. With the PC version going live this week, additional content is expected to be released simultaneously for all available platforms. Season two is also expected to launch soon, along with its first DLC expansion later this year.