Gamers are well aware that “Destiny 2” is a massive success for Activision. Veterans and new players have all dived into the sci-fi shooter and its promise of a robust story mode, a bigger map, and more end-game activities. So far, the game has obviously delivered on its commitment to provide a better story campaign than its predecessor. Likewise, the locations are expansive and offer an open-world experience. However, despite the addition of the Leviathan raid and Trials of the Nine, fans reportedly feel that something is missing. Therefore, Bungie took the time to share its plans for Season 2 during their TwitchCon panel.

Season 2 changes detailed during TwitchCon

A lot of players have already completed all of the activities and missions in "Destiny 2,” but it appears that people still want more. Fortunately, Bungie was armed with answers regarding their plans for season 2 just in time for their TwitchCon panel. Fans were able to interact with the game’s community manager, David “Deej” Dague and some live team designers. The developer was able to notice a significant drop in the number of players that are in the end-game portion of the FPS. It seems that one of the notable reasons why users stopped playing was the new reward system. Unlike the first game where loot was awarded upon the completion of different game modes, the sequel relies on a token redemption system that was met with mixed reaction

Number of seasons

Bungie confirms that the first year of “Destiny 2” will have a total of four seasons.

As for when season 2 will start, the developer claims there will be a Faction Rally and an Iron Banner before it switches. The PC version is due to launch next week and it is most likely that the Faction Rally will begin afterward then followed by the Iron Banner next month.

Clan progress and major balance changes

Players who are waiting for changes in the overall meta, especially in PVP, will have to wait until the next season begins.

It seems fair for everyone to relearn and adjust during the time that Clan progress resets back to zero. Furthermore, this will allow an even start for both longtime players those who just started.

Ornaments and new weapons

Just like its predecessor, Bungie will reintroduce Ornaments for gear earned from Trials of the Nine, Faction Rally, and Iron Banner.

These items will be unlocked via challenges specific to the gear itself. Season 2 will also see some new weapons for “Destiny 2”, Bungie has revealed a lot of information during TwitchCon and might have more updates in the future.