Starting October 24, “Destiny 2” will be officially released on PC. This also marks the close of the events of the game’s first Season. Xbox One and PlayStation 4 players have enjoyed a variety of events like Raid, post-game contents, impressive achievements, and a story that is larger than the first game installment. Recently, game developer Bungie announced several additions that players will soon enjoy in the shared multi-shooter title. This includes new maps, vehicles, and gears to name a few. However, this Halloween, players noticed that the festive content that was previously introduced in the first game installment is missing.

Festival of the Lost

In response to a query of a player, community manager Deej said using his official Twitter account that the Festival of the Lost is not happening this year in “Destiny 2.” Instead, players of the hit multi-shooter title will be introduced to The Dawning. This is a winter-themed event that is scheduled to start in December and is a part of the title’s Season 2 content.

Community manager DeeJ took to social media to not only confirm that there would be no Festival of the Lost this year but also gave a little insight as to why. The gist is that this is season 1 and they wanted to focus on a successful launch and set the groundwork for much of the post-game events seen within the title.

With the delayed launch on PC for the first time ever, the team decided it would be better for all if the focus remained on the launch rather than limited holiday events.

For those who are not familiar with the Festival of the Lost, it is much like the Halloween events of other titles. Previously, players enjoyed the Halloween sound effects, new quests, and event-themed decorations of the Tower to name a few.

it also allowed players to collect special masks like the Prince Mask and the Ghost Mask that gave their in-game characters a different look. The event was introduced in the first game installment in 2015 a year after the game was officially launched.

The Dawning

Meanwhile, Bungie’s Ryan Paradis shared during the TwitchCon that The Dawning will be released in the game in December.

During this event, players will have the chance to enjoy snowball fights in the in-game social spaces. These snowballs will be as big as the orb relics that can be seen in the shared multi-shooter title. He also shared that aside from snowballs, players will have the chance to play Ice Hockey in the in-game tower. “Destiny 2” is now available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.