Friday the 13th: The Game” had a rough start when it officially launched. However, it appears that Gun Media and Illfonic are committed to improving the game. Aside from the regular fixes and improvements, the asymmetrical horror survival title has been receiving a regular stream of content. This includes new counselors, maps, features, and modes. Interestingly, several months ago, the game has been teasing a mysterious image showing Eight dots, one of them being blue, on its official Twitter account. Several hours ago, a new tweet appears to have unveiled what this cryptic message is all about.

Mystery solved

On its official Twitter account, “Friday The 13th: The Game” shared a video about the meaning of the mysterious dots with one blue dot changing its location from time to time. The cryptic image attracted the interests of the fans, and there are several speculations about its meaning. Some claim it is about Pamela Vorhees while other said it could be a new iteration of Jason. Gun Media and Illfonic have been mum about the meaning of these dots until recently.

According to the latest video shared by the game developers, the eight mysterious dots stand for the upcoming game mode in the game that will be available to all users for free. Dubbed as Paranoia, the upcoming game mode is as cryptic and vague as the mysterious dots that have been teased in the asymmetrical horror title.

So far, the team behind the game has not yet released any details about the new mode.


Several fans claim that Paranoia could be about one of the Counselors, which is not really on the player’s side. According to this claim, it is possible that the player has to figure out which one is actually against the player.

Most likely, in this mode, there will be no Jason to run away from. Instead one of the eight counselors will be the player’s enemy.

Other details

Fans are looking forward that Gun Media and Illfonic would soon release the details of the upcoming mode. There is no release date or timetable for the upcoming mode. Some players are hoping that the mode could arrive just in time for the Halloween.

Aside from the new mode, players are also looking forward to the release date of the Single Player mode.

Meanwhile, the Trick or Treat DLC Pack and the Part IV Jason Kills Pack are now available. Players can purchase these packs for $1.99 and $2.99 respectively. “Friday the 13th: The Game” is now available on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.