Bungie introduced mechanical changes and tougher enemies to beat in “Destiny 2’s” Leviathan Prestige. The first change that Guardians should be aware of is the new revive system of the game. Before the update, you can revive one teammate, which means that you get a total of six revives for the entire team. In the past, you could die five times and a member of your fire team could bring you back to life every time.

The new revive system

However, this new review system is different. If you revive one of your allies and another one dies, you will not be able to revive the second player anymore.

Another member of your fire team needs to do that. Death means you will lose you revive token. If you die, your ally who revives you cannot have died in the same section and cannot have revived anyone else.

How to One Phase Emperor Calus

One of the biggest updates includes Emperor Calus in the Throne Room, where you can spend endless hours playing the same scenario over and over again.

The fight begins in a Throne Room with five platforms: The main platform is where Calus sits, while the other four arranged in front of the main platform. Each platform bears a unique symbol: Axes, a cup, a dog, and the sun. In order to One Phase Emperor Calus, you must begin with shooting Calus’ golden chalice.

Since there will be smaller enemies that will come from the left side, right side, and center of the room, quickly split your team into two, with each group covering one entrance.

Once you have cleared all the small enemies, four shielded poisons will appear from the small pillars. At this point, Calus will clap and transport you to the “Shadow Room” where you will see a giant version of the boss’ face in front of the room, three orbs, and a barrier.

Three players should grab the orbs and transport themselves to the Throne Room. The remaining three players will crouch in front of the barrier. You will need to use the barriers to prevent you from dying once Callus sucks you towards his face.

There will be different symbols on top of the boss’ forehead and two floating Psions will appear.

Your team needs to shoot both Psions. Failing to shoot them will instantly kill the whole team. Another Psion will attack the other three members of the team in the Throne Room while another barrier will appear in the Shadow Room. The players from the Shadow Room can advance towards it, but you need to avoid the sloped stones.

Kill all the three Psions on the ground at the next barrier after announcing the symbols before killing the other two. If you fail to kill the Psion on the ground, it will launch one of the players into the air. If anyone of your team in the Shadow Room dies, it will be impossible for you to beat Calus.

The team members in the Throne Room should attack the Psion with the missing symbol four times to advance the other members in the Shadow Room.

Those in the Shadow Room should kill the final wave of Psions before Emperor Calus starts to open his mouth and release a wave of floating skulls. All players should kill as many skulls as possible. Each skull increases your team’s damage multiplier.

Shoot Calus’ shield to stop him from attacking. Once the shield is destroyed, those in the Shadow Room can grab the orbs that will transport them to the Throne Room. Each player should step on a single platform and start firing at Calus. Once he starts to growl, jump to the next platform. Do this on all four platforms and you can beat Emperor Claus.

Fighting Emperor Calus can be exhausting but it will test your skill as an individual and as a team member, which makes it more interesting.

Check out the video below to see all these steps in action!