Nintendo released the 3.2.0 Update for “Arms.” It Brings a lot of new features to the game, such as badges and recent replays. Nintendo also included a new enemy in the update that looks very similar to Spring Man. Players can only encounter it by doing a good performance above the level 4 difficulty. The 3.2.0 update also brings a lot of changes on characters and arms in the game, as well as several bug fixes.

Badge system, recent replays, and a new enemy

The 3.2.0 update brings a new badge system where players can get a certain badge by completing a specific activity.

Each badge can be equipped and get shown to opponents online. Aside from the badge system, the update also adds a new recent replay feature. It allows players to watch their previous battles. Each old replay data will also get deleted as players gain new match replays.

The recent replay feature will help players enhance their playstyle as they can see what are the things they should improve when watching their previous fights. The update also brings a new enemy, which can only be summoned by continuously winning above the difficulty level 4. The new enemy was teased in the latest trailer for the update. He looks like an evil version of Spring Man. Players can also expect that this enemy will be very hard to defeat as he can only be seen on level 4 and above difficulty levels.

Bug fixes, character and arms changes

The 3.2.0 update also brings tons of character changes in the game. First, the increased movement speed for Lola Pop, making her more difficult to hit. The update also brings changes to Byte & Barq, where both of their attack speed got decreased. Max Brass' expansion rate of attacks when buffed also got decreased.

However, his distance of approaching enemies increased. Aside from the characters, Nintendo also brings changes on several arms in the game. First is the increased attack speed of Megawatt, which will be very convenient especially for speed type characters. The update also brings increased extension speed to the Slamamander.

The retraction and jump attack speeds of Biffler also got increased. Both Boomerang and Coolerang also received an increased expansion rate of charge attacks. The Revolver and Retorcher also received an improved retraction speed. The update also fixed the Nade's double explosions. Both Whammer and Kablamme also received an increased attack speed.

The Blorb, Chilla, Tribolt, Triblast, Guardian, and Clapback received a fix on their improper behaviors. Aside from the character and arms changes, the update also brings several bug fixes, such as attacks that don't land properly and freezing of characters. The update also brings fixes on several buttons in the game that does not work properly.