Everyone thought that the record made by “Destiny 2” last week, making 1.2 million players is already its highest record.

A new record

However, the newest game installment surprised everyone by getting another impressive record. According to Bungie, the game reached its high watermark of having 1.3 million players online at the same moment. The PC version is still not out yet, so this number can still go beyond. According to PSU, “Destiny 2” had the largest ever day one sales for a PlayStation game.

Game tricks

Destiny 2” gives players the opportunity to work in teams.

Players can also punish Nightfall Strikes. To unlock the Nightfall Strikes, you need to complete three steps: First, you need to complete the “Fury” campaign in the primary story mission; second, you also need to speak to Commander Zavala. You can see him in the Tower’s courtyard; and lastly, you need to complete two strikes from the playlist.

Once you completed these two strikes, you can also try the guided games.

What are these guided games?

With these guided games, you can team up with other players to complete the Nightfall Strikes or Raids. You can choose to be a seeker or a lone player and look for teams. You can also be a guide or a group of two or more players and seek other players to join your team.

Since the guided games are still running as a beta for “Destiny 2,” there will be no problems being a guide. However, if you want to be a seeker, you need to have a guided games ticket to play as one.

Where can you get a guided games ticket?

These tickets are only issued to selected players of the game. If Darbi 55-30, the farm’s Postmaster, gave you a Nightfall ticket, you are one of the lucky players to receive the guided game's ticket.

However, if you were not able to get one as a gift, you need to wait for the beta to finish on September 26 to play as a seeker.

The Crucible

Destiny 2” also features The Crucible, a player-versus-player online mode. You can compete and shoot other players with this game mode. If you are playing solo, this mode will work well for you.

With the Crucible, you can easily figure out which guns work best for you.

One thing to keep in mind about “Destiny 2” is that weapons that can kill enemies in just one shot are rare. Grenades cannot easily kill enemies too. You need to attack your enemy’s health and shield to give the members of your team more opportunity to move and finish the kill.

The full game version of "Destiny 2" will start on September 27.