Destiny 2” is one of the most widely played shared multiplayer titles in the gaming world today. Like other games, it has its own share of bugs and glitches that disappoint gamers. Fortunately, game developer Bungie is quick to roll out much-needed fixes and patches to the game. In addition, it has scheduled maintenance to resolve other issues and improve the total gaming experience of its player base.

Recently, several players reported a new bug in the popular shared multiplayer title. The recently discovered bug is a major issue that causes the Public Events not to appear on the game’s map.

New bug

On Reddit, a user named GazMask227 shared that after the update was rolled out September 26, he noticed that Public Events in “Destiny 2” happen less often. The Redditor believed that fewer players are playing in Public Events of the game because of the long wait times. However, another user named Hawkmoona_Matata rebutted his post. According to him, the post is most likely false because several players have reported that it is not true that Public Events are not happening, it’s just that they are not showing. He further attached a video to support his claim.

It turns out that a new Visual Map glitch is the reason why players are not able to see the Public Events on the game’s map. Players started noticing that the Public Events icon is not showing on the map.

However, when they visit a PE location, a live activity is taking place. It appears that the bug is observed by across all game locations.

Other details

The current issue with the visual map glitch is causing frustration and disappointment among players. If the glitch persists, it could only mean that there will be a lower success rate in the game’s Public Events.

While the number of complaints increase, Bungie has not made any comment about the issue. Players are looking forward to hearing that the game developers are looking into this issue and will release a fix soon.

Aside from this visual map glitch, players have also encountered a bug in the Leviathan Raid. This bug allows players to solo loot all the chests in the Leviathan Raid.

Other players confirmed the presence of this glitch. It appears that it is not a one-game-only glitch. This means that the glitch is available on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One users.

Destiny 2” is currently available now on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. PC users will have to wait until October 24 to finally get their hands on the shared multiplayer shooter from Bungie.