Things are getting exciting in the popular shared multi-shooter title “Destiny 2.” In this week's update, game developer Bungie revealed the release date of the much-awaited Prestige Difficulty version of the Leviathan Raid. Players will finally be able to try their skills on the difficult version of the game’s first raid a few days from now. They will have the chance to deal with a new set of challenges from Emperor Calus.

Tips and tricks

The latest strategy uncovered by “Destiny 2” players is an exploit that will soon be fixed by the game developer.

On Reddit, a user named o7yourdesires shared the tips and tricks on how to fight Emperor Calus of the Leviathan Raid in a much easier way and without having to deal with the adds.

When you enter the throne room, assign a Guardian to stand by the entrance adjacent to the blue fire. The other five members need to run up to the Emperor. These five players will be the sacrificial lamb as Calus will stomp them to death. As soon as the five players are dead, the Guardian in the door will step into the blue flame causing him to also die in the process.

The next steps will require right timing as this part is a little tricky. When the countdown timer reaches one second, the player who stepped into the blue flame must log or proceed into orbit.

If this is done right, the five players that were killed by Emperor Calus will respawn. They will be respawned in the throne room with all the doors wide open.

With the doors opened, no adds will be in the room. The Guardian who went into orbit can go back and take down the final boss along with the other players. You can check out the video below for visual instructions.

The video is uploaded by a YouTube user named theMoDfatheR.

Other details

While not all players like to cheese the game, it appears that there will always be some who will find a way to make things a little bit easier. If you want to try this newly discovered way of defeating the final boss of the game’s Leviathan Raid, you may follow these steps.

Soon the game developer will roll out a fix making these steps obsolete and inapplicable.

Prestige Difficulty version

For players who would like to ramp up the excitement and test their skills in “Destiny 2,” they can try the Prestige Difficulty version of the Leviathan Raid. It will start at 10 AM Pacific Daylight Time on October 10. While Bungie appears to downplay the upcoming version of the Leviathan Raid, players can expect that everything will be harder.