Nintendo fans can rejoice a some this week as there have been ten more games added to the Nintendo Switch Eshop and quite a few more to come. While it's nothing compared to the 18 games that they added last week, that's still a decent amount of games that players can purchase. The seven games include games of different genres, catering to almost all of the needs of any gamer. From relaxed to action-packed, we've got the list.

For players wanting to relax

If you enjoy playing all of your video games but need a relaxing break from what you're used to, have no fear.

"Stardew Valley" is now available on the Nintendo Switch. In this game, you move away from busy city life to the simple life of the country. The play style is extremely similar to that of "Harvest Moon" and "Story of Seasons."

The Switch will be the first console to have "Stardew Valley's" new multiplayer mode when it releases. This game is one that we could all use after a busy day. If you enjoy games like "Animal Crossing," you'll enjoy this game.

All we want is action and adventure

Players who want more action games are in luck, as there have been six more action games added to the Eshop. For those who like Metroidvania games, we've got "Axiom Verge." In this game, you play as a disabled scientist who wakes up in a strange new world.

If you're more interested in bloody action games, "Volgarr the Viking" has been added as well.

For those who like the excitement of action as well as tricky puzzles, try out "Tumblestone." This game offers multiplayer and story mode, so you can challenge your friends with these tricky puzzles or just challenge yourself. If you're into more customization and multiplayer games, there's "Ninja Shodown," a classic fighting game filled with different playing modes.

Of course, we've also got "Metal Slug X," for those of us who enjoy running and shooting enemies. Originally released in 1999, many players are ready for this installation. For players who enjoy side-scrolling games, they also added "Earth Atlantis," another shooting game.

For those of us who want adventure, "Oxenfree" was made available in the Eshop today.

It's a supernatural thriller that has everything you could want: mysteries, ghosts, and the ability to change the story through decision making. It's up to you and your friends to figure out how to fix a somewhat ghostly situation.

Upcoming releases

Although they've given us several games so far, there are still more to released for the Nintendo Switch this month. Next week we're getting the shooter game "Touhou Kobuto V: Burst Battle" and action game "Tiny Barbarian DX." The biggest release won't be until October 27- when we finally get "Super Mario Odyssey."