The much-awaited Prestige Difficulty version of the Leviathan Raid in “Destiny 2” is finally here. The majority of the players are already having a hard time completing the game’s first raid. However, for those who are looking for a much more difficult version of it, Bungie has prepared something for them. The game developer announced the start time and date of the harder version of the game’s raid on this week’s update.

Prestige Difficulty

On October 10 at 10 AM Pacific Daylight Time, players will get a new challenge from Emperor Calus. Several weeks ago, fans were anticipating the arrival of the Prestige Difficulty but the announcement that it will start sooner is a bit of a surprise to everyone.

With Bungie’s latest announcement about the arrival of the Prestige Difficulty version in “Destiny 2,” players will experience the ultimate PvE challenge. The best part of the new version of the raid is that there is no Power Level increase included. The game maintains the 300 cap and 305 for those using mods.


The game developer appears to be a bit reserved about the details of the new version of the raid. However, it mentions that players who are brave enough to experience it will come across minor mechanical changes to the encounters. In the previous game installment, the developer would first make the harder version of the raid. After that, it will limit the mechanics and come up with a normal version.

However, it appears that it is no longer the case. So far, the only certain detail about the mechanics of the Prestige is that it will not have the Revive Token.


Players who will get through the Prestige Difficulty will get new rewards. As of press time, Bungie has not provided the details for these rewards aside from saying that they are unique.

However, based on the previous leaks, it appears one of the rewards includes the Prestige Raid Armor. It is illustrated as a weapon with a purple glow with more emphasis on gold. Several fans are speculating that the reward would include a new shader, a new emblem to obtain, and a unique ghost.

Iron Banner

Meanwhile, another much-awaited event from the first installment is scheduled to make its debut in “Destiny 2.” The Iron Banner will kick off on October 10 at 2 AM Pacific Time. It will run until 2 Am Pacific Time on October 17. The latest announcement from the game developer confirms the previous leak of the details of the multiplayer event.