Game maker Bungie was one of the attendees at this year's TwitchCon as they discussed the future of "Destiny 2" among the player base. They also revealed some details on what to expect in the game's second season.

Season 2 spilled

"Destiny's" Community Manager David Dague was accompanied by a couple of Bungie's game designers during their panel at the streaming site's event. The developer is very much aware that the community is craving for more content not to mention the fact that they are having quite a debacle in keeping players hooked into the fps title.

Per the "Destiny" panel, Dague and his team revealed that there will be four seasons during the game's first year. Before the second season kicks off, it is likely that the developer will be releasing new Iron Banner and Faction Rally events adding that these will be rolled out after the PC version is in-sync with the home consoles' activity schedules.

By the time Season 2 arrives, new ornaments for "Destiny 2's" Iron Banner, Trials of the Nine, and Faction Rally gears will be added. However, there's a catch. To unlock these, players will have to meet requisites set by some challenges as these will be noted by the gear itself.

Weapon perk shuffle

In line with this, Bungie also stated that weapons – including its perks will change as the season does.

This means that an energy type weapon might return the following season as a kinetic weapon alongside a different set of perks. They even shelled out some Concept Art of the armor sets and weapons that are likely to be seen within "Destiny 2's" sophomore season.

Clarion Calls were also tackled during the panel.

It is said that this is a time-dependent global activity that endows players with XP rewards provided that they meet certain requisites.

Players will also experience a change in the content of Bright Engrams between seasons.

Bungie also pointed out that cosmetic items will now be season-specific. So, if a player gets an emote in Season 2, the emote will no longer be present next season as it will be replaced by a new set of emotes.

Bungie also hinted that there will be a new Crucible map for "Destiny 2" Season 2. They further explained something within the game will prompt it to be unlocked and will be operating similar to the current maps within the game.

"Destiny 2" Season 2's release date is still undisclosed. Players are advised to check on Bungie's website for future updates within the game. Check out a video about the game here: