OnRush’ is the new Arcade Racer game from Codemasters. Codemasters is well known for developing and publishing racing titles such as, ‘Colin McRae Rally,’ ‘Micro Machines,’ and ‘TOCA.’ Unlike past games, which were more simulation based, this game is an arcade game. The game was announced during the Sony Paris Games Week show yesterday, a few moments after the conference started.

About the game

‘OnRush’ is an arcade racer game full of multi-vehicles racing, smashing, and crashing into each other. Full of crazy jumps and intense racing, player’s will be driving on huge levels at break necking speeds!

Gtplanet describes the game as ‘Motorstorm’ and ‘Trackmania’ having an adrenaline-filled baby.

Watch the launch trailer below.

Codemasters states that your goal is to race with style, taking risks and doing stunts that earns you boosts, as part of the Rush mechanic. If you are getting a 'Motorstorm' vibe that's no surprise! The team developing the game is full of former Evolution Studios Staff, makers of 'Motorstorm,' 'WRC,' and 'DriveClub'. Evolution Studios closed in 2016 and was quickly acquired by Codemasters.

The game director on 'OnRush' is Paul Rustchynsky, who also worked as the director on PlayStation 4 racing game ‘Driveclub’ for Sony. The art style and graphics look very stunning and it looks like there will be some crazy, adrenaline rush gameplay full of various tracks and stunts.

Statement from the developer

During a press release, Rustchynsky said that the team grew up playing iconic, arcade racing games and that it's great to have the opportunity to redesign those experiences on today’s consoles and bring something fresh to the market.

Codemasters stated that it's been too long since there has been an awesome, all-out arcade racing game.

'OnRush' is a brand new game that combines everything players loved about the arcade titles of the past. Codemasters describe the game as visually astonishing and a fresh take on what it means to race.

Release info

‘OnRush’ is scheduled to be released in summer 2018. It's going to be published by Deep Silver and will be available on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

So far there is no news on whether or not it will be published on PC. Sony confirmed that it will have PlayStation 4 Pro support. Now that the world knows what Codemasters is up to, we may see more updates on their progress on the game. In the past they have shared several updates on games they have worked on, hopefully, we see the same for this one.