"Destiny 2's" first ever expansion - "Curse of Osiris" has been revealed alongside its release date. The teaser trailer also provided a preview of the upcoming weapons including the return of some exotic items.

A lot has been teased

The minute-long video for the "Curse of Osiris" provided fans with a sneak peek of what the DLC is in store for them. Those who got to see the sizzler reel noticed that some of the exotics in the first "Destiny" are likely to be reinstated within the sequel alongside some new weapons and armor sets.

Per the recently released teaser, players have noticed both the Jade Rabbit and Telesto that are equally efficient exotics.

Another exotic – the Graviton Forfeit – was spotted in a PvP gameplay from the new Crucible map known as the Wormhaven. Fans also took notice of a new shotgun including a glimpse of what could be the Found Verdict.

Keen-eyed "Destiny 2" players also spotted level 25 allies that got some of them hyped up about the upcoming DLC. However, some fans seemed to have debunked it suggesting that these could be just an internal Bungie setting.

Curse of the rehash?

With the amount of returning items in "Curse of Osiris," some players were given the impression that the upcoming expansion is just a rehashed content. However, it can be observed that alongside these recommissioned exotics, Vex-rigged weapons were also teased in the video.

There's also a familiar scene in the teaser that may well seem to suggest that players will be returning to Ishtar Sink in Venus where the Vault of Glass raid is located. Hints of time travel were also seen in the video where the new social space – the Tower was featured before and after it got destroyed. In line with this, at 0:45 of the video, a Guardian seems to be frozen in time while Osiris is outnumbered by the Vex.

Datamined voice lines

Meanwhile, there were datamined audio files suggesting that players will be revisiting planets other than Mercury. It can be heard in the audio files that the faction leaders are talking about Venus, Earth (Cosmodrome in Old Russia), Mars, and even the moon. Check out this video to listen to those voice lines:

"Destiny 2's" "Curse of Osiris" DLC is slated to be rolled out on December 5. The second expansion - that is now believed to revolve around the Warmind and the Iron Lords as it was hinted on the image - will be out Spring of 2018. In the meantime, check out a video about the game below: