Humble Bundle is currently one of the best gaming stores on the web. Admittedly, most of that recognition is due to their cheap bundles, but their store tends to offer decent value for money as well. While Steam remains the king of cheap PC games, stores like Humble Bundle provide some much-needed competition.

Let us take a quick look at what is discounted for this week. Is there anything worth buying or just more of the same?

'F1 2017'

The annual "F1" titles are not going to attract casual players, but racing fans should give them a try. The franchise has delivered a solid simulated experience of the popular sport, with "F1 2017" being no exception.

The previous version suffered from some technical issues, but this year's edition works well for the most part.

This is actually a rather demanding game, in terms of graphics, but Codemasters' did a fine job in optimizing it. Released only around two months ago, a 30% discount is not too bad. A few of the older entries are also on sale.

If games like "F-Zero" and "WipeOut" are more your speed, it might be worth considering "Redout." Reduced by 50%, this racer is all about speed. It even supports VR and online multiplayer, to offer a good bang for your buck.

FPS and third-person shooters

There are not many huge action games on sale. The best of the bunch is probably "Spec Ops: The Line," a third-person shooter with a unique and engaging story-line.

While it is definitely worth playing, Yager Development's 2012 release is often discounted and occasionally included in bundles. It is still worth the money, but its hardly a fantastic sale.

"The Darkness II" is another fun game published by 2K benefitting from a massive discount of 80%. As an FPS with supernatural elements, this is a blast to play through, despite the relatively short run-time.

"The Bureau: XCOM Declassified" is worth considering, despite often being available in bundles for just $1. The third-person shooter is not the best "XCOM" game, but an adequate addition to its genre.

"Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun" came out just under a year ago, with Humble Bundle offering a 25% discount. This challenging tactical stealth game is definitely for everyone, but worth considering for fans of "Total War." It currently sits with an aggregate score of 85 on Metacritic, so critics well received it.

There is also "Duke Nukem Forever" on sale, for those with too much time on their hands.