One of the leading mobile game developing company "Supercell" is all set to bring on yet another update to their most famous game "clash of clans." It has not been very long since "Clash of Clans" got its update with the builder base. That said, it looks like the game developers will stop at nothing to make the game more interesting for players.

The update is said to arrive at the end of October 2017, this time there will be no update for the builders base instead players will be able to access new content in the main village. According to Siusto, there are going to be some general improvements along with new features added to the game.

Biggest update since August

Apparently, the October update is going to be big as "Supercell" officially confirmed it on their website. There are going to be new improvements for the troops with a boost option available. On the other hand, the defense system and the walls will finally be getting an upgrade after a long time. Troops like Valkyries will get an upgrade option for level six, and the Bomb Tower will also get an option to upgrade an extra level.

That will not be all with the "Clash of Clans" October update as "Supercell" is preparing the game for the upcoming Halloween event. To put it simply, it is going to be a good time to earn gems. Some of the other upgrades include the Golems and Air Sweeper's.

Improves game quality

"Clash of Clans" is a unique game that has its own game variations. The update is said to enhance the gameplay and improve the overall quality. Players will be able to search for other Clans based on their game activity and donation of troops.

The best part is that players will also get a notification of incoming attacks even if they are in replay mode.

There will be new Clan Badges and the graphics of the main village will be upgraded. The search for other Clans is faster and easier. Though the update is only for the main village, the builder base will be getting a limited number of trophies. An extra addition is an online indicator for Clan member and friends.

"Supercell" will also be adding friendly wars that will allow up to 30 players to watch the battles live.

Overall the new update is going to be excellent for all long time "Clash of Clans" players. For those who have been playing the game for years, this upcoming update will be exactly what they need. The other advantage is that "Supercell" has taken into consideration the requests of players and added their expectations.