clash royale,” the popular real-time, tower-rush online game developed by Supercell, is about to get a massive update this October. The update is reportedly going to introduce new game modes and features which are never-before-seen in both “Clash Royale” and “Clash of Clans.” The update is expected to roll out in the first week of October and will usher new game modes including the recently confirmed modes and features – the Touchdown Mode and Quests.

Confirmed games modes

The Touchdown Mode will be the latest game mode to be introduced in “Clash Royale.” It is a mode that is unlike anything currently existing within the Clash World.

According to reports, the Touchdown Mode will be available as a 2v2 Draft Challenge during its inception to “Clash Royale.” The new game mode alludes to the game of American Football wherein a player needs to have a troop cross the end zone of the arena in order to win the challenge.

And since this is a 2v2 Draft Challenge, strategy and being able to work with a teammate, whether the player is a clanmate or a total stranger, are keys to winning the game. All cards with the exception of the Mega Knight, Hog Rider, Cannon Cart, and Flying Machine, are reportedly going to be included in the new game mode.


Another new feature about to be introduced with the October update in “Clash Royale” is the Quests. The Quests will reportedly replace the Free Chests given out within the game. According to reports, there will be at least two types of Quests – a daily Quest and a long-term Quest.

In order for a Quest to be completed, the players will have to do certain tasks.

For example, for the daily Quest, a player needs to win a predetermined number of battles by using a specific deck or a pre-specified troop. Donating a certain amount of troops is an example of the long-term Quest.

Going back to the Free Chests, “Clash Royale” is not going to completely take away this feature. The Free Chests will still occasionally appear on the shop.

As for the rewards for completing a Quest, the player will be awarded a certain amount of gold, gems, and XP.

New Challenges

“Clash Royale” is a competitive game and its players undoubtedly are feeling the pressure every time they go into battle. The battles are so fierce that losing a game has an immense effect on the player’s ranking. These non-stop ladder-type matches are stressful and Supercell acted accordingly by providing different game modes that would allow the gamers to enjoy playing without the risk of dropping down the rankings.

While the Friendlies, the 2v2 Challenge, and the Special Challenges are quite enjoyable, it doesn’t offer many rewards for the players – that is except for the Special Challenge.

So the developers decided to throw in two new challenges within the game – the casual and multi-stage challenges.

This new feature will apply to Special Challenges. In the previous Special Challenges, players who have lost three straight matches are out of the running and will have to restart all over again for a chance to win the event. Now, the players can reach the needed number of wins without the three-loses-and-you’re-out rule. It means that all players can complete a challenge but it will depend on how many matches he or she has to play before reaching the specified number of wins.

Unconfirmed Game Mode

It is still unconfirmed whether the rumored Mirror Mode will be included in the October update.

In this new mode, players will be given the same deck which will cycle the same way for both players. It means that the players will start out on equal footing and that strategy and the timing alone will determine who will win a match. At this time, it is still unclear whether the Mirror Mode will be a 1v1 game mode or a 2v2 Challenge.

There also has been little news regarding the addition of new cards and new arenas in "Clash Royale." But there is a strong possibility that a new card, the Skeleton Barrel will be included in the upcoming update or before October ends, at the latest.

“Clash Royale” is available for download on iOs and Android. For more of the latest news on “Clash Royale” and “Clash of Clans,” tune into US Blasting News!