“Clash of Clans” prepares to roll out its annual October update and, this time around, Supercell is seemingly focusing on widening the gap between town hall 10 and Town Hall 11. The update will also bring in new features as well as aesthetic improvements for both the Home Village and the Builder Base.

In an effort raise the hype surrounding the October Update, the studio behind the massively popular mobile online game launched three sneak peeks. These sneak peeks showed fans a glimpse of the new additions and revisions to “Clash of Clans.” Here’s a list of what is included in the update.

Why a balancing update is needed for Town Hall 11

Supercell has made a conscious effort of creating a big gap between the Town Hall 11 and the Town Hall 10. The Town Hall 11 was introduced back in December of 2015 and since then the studio had been working hard to create a noticeable separation between the two Town Halls.

As most “Clash of Clans” chiefs know, there are two main features that set the two Town Halls apart: the Grand Warden and the Eagle Artillery. However, as the game evolved, new tactics are developed to counter the new threats.

Many gamers noticed that the Grand Warden and the Eagle Artillery weren’t enough to prevent Town Hall 10 players, especially the good ones, to win against the supposedly tougher base. Numerous updates and almost two years later, Supercell is still finding ways to widen the gap between the two Town Halls.

New levels for Town Hall 11 Troops and Buildings

With the October 2017 Update, the Town Hall 11 players will be able to upgrade the Valkyrie to level 6. The upgrade cost is 150000 Dark Elixir and the upgrade time is two weeks. The new training cost for the Valkyrie will be 220 Dark Elixir.

The popular Clan War tank – the Golem, will also receive a new level.

The “Clash of Clans” gamers in Town Hall 11 will need to shell out 200000 Dark Elixir to upgrade the Golem to level 7. The upgrade time is also two weeks and the new training cost will be 900 Dark Elixir.

The Bomb Tower is also available for upgrade to level 6. This upgrade will cost 10 Million Gold and will take 14 days to complete. The Bomb Tower level 6 will deal 340 damage to nearby troops when destroyed, while its HP will be increased to 1200.

The Air Sweeper can now be upgraded to level 7. “Clash of Clans” players will need 9.6 Million Gold to upgrade the Air Sweeper.

The upgrade time is 10 days but the push strength and its HP will be increased to four tiles and 1050, respectively.

Also, the 25 Wall segments unique to Town Hall 11 can now be upgraded to level 12. In other balancing update news, the level 6 PEKKA will also receive a slight increase in its HP and DPS. It is still too early to tell whether these new upgrades will be the difference between the Town Hall 11 and the Town Hall 10. However, these new levels will certainly help in creating a separation between the two Town Halls.

Clan search function and Online Indicator feature

Searching for a new clan will also be made easier with the October Update. The Clan Suggestions function provides a new filter that would allow players to search for a Clan using a new search parameter such as Clan War frequency and clan donation.

Also, the new search function provides an icon which indicates whether a player from his or her Friend’s List is a member of the suggested clan.

An Online Indicator will also be launched with the October update. As the name of the new feature suggests, the Online Indicator will display the number of Clan members who are online. It will also display which members from the player’s Friends List are online, and would allow the player to watch their attacks. This feature is already running in Supercell’s “Clash Royale.”

A new Town Hall 12?

While it is theoretically possible that a new Town Hall would be introduced this year, a Town Hall 12 not realistically possible at the moment.

As mentioned above, Supercell seemingly ran into problems in balancing the overall game-play between the Town Hall 10 and 11.

It took the Supercell almost two years to create this wide gap between those two Town Halls, so introducing the Town Hall 12 is probably not on the studio's radar at this point. Even with the added levels on offense and defense, it seems that there is still work to be done before the gap separating the strengths of these two Town Halls is balanced out.

Final take

While the October Update is a bit light with regards to overall in-game adjustments, the new features and levels certainly add value to the game. And while fans “Clash of Clans” are still eagerly awaiting for Supercell to launch a massive update, they will have to settle and enjoy these new upgrades until then. Who knows, it may come in the December 2017 Update. Stay tuned into US Blasting News for more “Clash of Clans” and “Clash Royale” latest news and updates.