Uppercut Games released a new Update for “City of Brass.” It is called Enter the Catacombs, which adds tons of new features in the game such as enemies, traps and a new environment. The update also Brings a lot of bug fixes and gameplay improvements. Uppercut Games also added an expanded tutorial mode in the update, which will help newcomers to understand the game's mechanics much easier.

New enemies, traps, and harsh environment

Uppercut Games added a lot of new enemies in the Enter the Catacombs update. Most of the enemies can be found in the underground caverns, which is also a new area in the update.

The enemies are called the Unstable Salitar and the Hazardous Gladiator. Players will also encounter a new mystical Gatekeeper after reaching level 3. Aside from the new enemies, the update also added new traps, which can also be found inside the new underground caverns in the update. The Enter the Catacombs update also brings a new environment, which looks very dark and chaotic. It includes all of the new enemies and traps. Players should also prepare themselves for the new environment as will feature a much higher difficulty.

New relics, bug fixes, and gameplay improvements

Players will be able to collect new relics in the latest update. The relics are named The Charm of Fortune, Coin of Soldiering, Gauntlet of Thrusting, Tongue of Silver, and the Pads of Silence.

There are two ways to collect the new relics. First is to find them inside treasure chests, which are scattered around any areas in the game. The other way to obtain new relics is to purchase it from a Genie. However, players should prepare a lot of golds to purchase relics from Genies as it costs very expensive. Aside from the new relics, the update also brings several bug fixes.

First is the fix for the fire damage bug where it stacks multiple times in the same target. The update also fixes the tutorial ghost that disappears while in the tutorial.

The bug where different chests are giving same gears in a specific area is also fixed. Uppercut Games also brings several bug fixes that were reported by players.

The update also adds several gameplay improvements. First is the new ability of bosses where they can now block a player's attack. The update also adds a new What is This feature, which sends players to the journal upon activating in a certain object. Uppercut Games also added new HUD icons and notifications for a much better navigation. The update also increases the game's difficulty after reaching three levels. The spawn chance of throwable items also got increased. The Enter the Catacombs also reduced the genies from 5 to 4. The movement speed for large enemies also got lowered in the update.