Sony released a new Update for PlayStation 4. It is the 5.0 update, which features new options that will make everything in the console more organized. The 5.0 update also brings improvements in the streaming features on the console. Sony also included some improvements in the PS4's notification system. The latest update is now available for download. The file size of the 5.0 update is 375 MB.

New features in the parental control system, friends and privacy

The Parental Control system is one of the main highlights of the update. It replaces the old system known as the Master/Sub-account system.

Sony called the new parental control system "Family on PSN," where one user is required to be the Family Manager of the console. The Family Manager has the power to set a certain role to a user, such as Parent, Adult or Child. Parent users can also add restrictions to the Child accounts, where they can remove its ability to use the console's online features. Parent accounts can also set spending limitations on the PlayStation Store. Aside from the new parental control system, PS4 users are now able to follow a friend's activity by visiting their screen. The update also added new privacy settings where users can now set who can follow them, as well as who can see their follow list. The update also allows players to create a custom friend list where they can see players that they need to play with much easier.

New languages are also added in the latest update.

New display features

There are a lot of new display features in the 5.0 update. First is the messaging system, where players can now receive music through messages and listen to it by simply clicking the message. The URL that is attached to a message now has a preview. Aside from the new messaging system, the update also added new features to the Quick Menu.

First is the Leave This Party option, where players can leave a party much faster. The albums on every song in Spotify can now be seen. The update also added a clock in the quick menu. There are also several changes in the notification system in the console. First is the ability to disable pop-up notifications during a video playback.

The 5.0 update also allows users to customize the color of pop-up notifications. The update also allows users to hide message details in every notification. Aside from the new notification features, the update also allows players to stream a 1080p and 60fps while using Twitch on the PS4 Pro. The update also added sound improvements in playing a Blu-ray Disc or DVD while using the PlayStation VR.