The single-player game genre has been making a lot of noise these days. It is because of how several companies and developers believe that the genre is dying. Players are also noticing that most of the latest games today are online and multiplayer. One of the best examples is the “PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds,” which is one of the most played games today. However, “Horizon: Zero Dawn” developer Guerrilla Games, defends the genre at PAX AUS as they confirmed that some of the most highly rated games this year are single-Player Games.

Single-player games will never die

According to Guerrilla Games, titles like “The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild,” “Middle-earth: Shadow of War,” and their very own “Horizon: Zero Dawn” shows how huge single-player games are today. There are also a lot of players that prefer playing a game with an amazing storyline. The genre also has a huge difference in today's multiplayer games. One of them is the amazing experience of storylines that will keep players in touch with the game. It is known that most multiplayer games today don't offer a story mode. Guerrilla Games also said that they will be committed to bringing the best possible single-player experience that they can offer. They also said that the upcoming expansion for “Horizon: Zero Dawn” is also more evidence that shows how huge the genre is today.

Tons of amazing single-player games in the future

Guerrilla Games mentioned only a few highly rated single-player games at PAX AUS. There are a lot of single-player titles today that offer incredible gameplay. Some of them are still being played even if it is a bit old. It is “The Last of Us,” which is considered to be one of the best one-player games ever made.

The story of the game really brings an emotional feeling to its players. “The Last of Us” developer Naughty Dog, also announced that there will be a sequel to the game. The announcement became a huge trend and fans have been trying to ask for the release date. The sequel was announced at PlayStation Experience 2016. It even made several fans cry through excitement.

At this point in time, Naughty Dog has no announcement yet about the release date of the game. Aside from “The Last of Us,” players are also excited for the upcoming “God of War.” It is also considered one of the most popular genres today. Fans are also thrilled about “Days Gone,” which is a one-player zombie survival game. These upcoming titles just show that the genre will be around for a long time.