Gearbox Software has released the final Update for “Battleborn.” It is called the fall update, which adds a lot of new features including character skins and massive gameplay changes. Gearbox Software previously announced that they will halt the development of “Battleborn” after the fall update. Due to this, the game's community got upset as the game will no longer receive new content. However, it does not mean that the game will completely shut down as the company confirmed that “Battleborn” will continue to run for the foreseeable future.

New skins, finishers, and character changes

The fall update brings “Borderlands” themed character skins, such as Alani's Maya skins, Caldarius' Maliwan skin, and El Dragón's Psycho Bandit skin. Some characters also received popular “Borderlands” character skins, such as ISIC's CL4P-TRP skin, Orendi's Tiny Tina skin, and Rath's Zero skin. Aside from the new character skins, the update also adds new finishers. First is the Sugar Rush Finisher where the character summons wave of candies on a knocked out enemy. Players can also drop garbage on a downed enemy by using the Garbage Dump Finisher.

Players can now also summon a cloud of sadness to the enemy by using the Gray Skies Finisher. The update also brings the Darkening Finisher in which the character turns out the light and performs a devastating finisher on the enemy.

The fall update also brings a lot of character changes. One of the main highlights of the character changes is the improved skill damage, where a character's skill damage increases as it levels up. According to Gearbox Software, this will bring more balance to the game. It will also bring more intense battles in late game situations.

Weapon changes and bug fixes

There are a lot of weapon changes in the fall update. First is the increased weapon damage of Outcast Thrall Brutes. Their grenades also received an increased damage, as well as blast radius and projectile speed. Due to this, players should be very careful when facing Outcast Thrall Brutes. Aside from the new weapons, the update also brings a lot of bug fixes.

First in the fix is the issue where the duration of Beatrix's Patient Zero skill will reset after being used repeatedly. Caldarius' skills that spawn lights throughout the in-game world also got fixed. Galilea's improper duration of her Abyssal Form was solved in the update. Marquis' unbalanced power on her zoomed shots is another thing that got fixed. The improper damage of Thorn's Kreshek is one last fix for character features. The fall update also brings several bug fixes in the game's navigation system and visualizations.