Gearbox Software has announced its official decision to end support for “Battleborn” 15 months after it launched the game in May last year. This strategic move is in line with the studio’s plan to shift focus on an unannounced project that everyone supposed to be the hotly anticipated Borderlands 3.”

In his latest blog on the official forum, creative director Randy Varnell confirmed that the studio is moving on to its next project. Because of this, there will be no additional content drops or future updates coming for Gearbox’s online shooter after the release of the Fall Update.

Notably, this final update includes some balance changes, art updates, and new skins.

Servers still active

It is a bit of good news for those who still like to play the game online. Varnell said that there are no changes in “Battleborn” and the game is "here to stay."

The servers will still go live and active for “foreseeable future.” He went on to add that Fans should keep their radars on for details of any news or updates that will be posted on the forums or social media.

Gearbox shifts focus

The creative director has been on board Gearbox Software for the development of the online shooter since 2012. Now, Varnell is tasked to handle the studio’s next big title and speculations are rife that it’s the highly anticipated “Borderlands 3.”

The developer said earlier that when it is done with “Battleborn,” a new "Borderlands" title will be coming next.

The panel did not drop the name of its upcoming title at the recent PAX West but the studio confirmed that the team at Gearbox is now working on a highly anticipated title.

According to Varnell, although his time on his last project sadly ends, he is also pleased to announce that he will play a significant role in the development of the secret project.

He assured fans that they will hear from him again in the near future regarding other Gearbox games.

Fans’ reactions

Most of the fans are happy to know that the studio is now shifting its focus on its next title, which they believe is the third installment of the "Borderlands” franchise.

One fan named Revolting commented, “Both halves of this headline are individually welcome news.

Together, they are cause for celebration. I’m celebrating with cake.”

The last “Borderlands” game was launched back in 2012. From the looks of it, it is high time that fans will hear some official news soon pertaining to the development of “Borderlands 3” after five years of waiting.