Ubisoft’s tactical shooter game "Ghost Recon Wildlands" is about to receive another gaming update this week. The newly released update 1.12 is now available for download on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

According to PlayStation Lifestyle, the French-based gaming studio has finally announced the release of the new Wildlands update 1.12, which is expected to bring more improvements and important bug fixes. The latest update will fix the Thermal vision issue and also addresses some issues on the "Ghost War" and Campaign Mode. However, updating the game would not be easy, it requires lots of space.

The latest Wildlands update 1.12 will take up to 11 GB for PS4 and Xbox One gaming consoles, while for Windows PC is 7.89 GB.

What the new update will bring to the Wildlands

As mentioned earlier by the gaming-focused website PlayStation Lifestyle, the latest update will bring some changes to the player progression and also the newly released "Ghost War." More importantly, the update will finally also address the issue on the Thermal vision, which now being tweaked for the PvP mode. The tweak also means that players will now be able to level up to level 50 much easier, the website reported.

Other big changes include some important bug fixes for Campaign Mode, Matchmaking, player progression and "Ghost War." Ubisoft's latest update has finally fixed a bug where some Recon players got stuck on a refreshing content pop-up window.

This happened when players tried to join "Narco Road" and the "Fallen Ghosts."

As for the Matchmaking issue, Ubisoft’s latest update has managed to lower the starting MMR (Match Making Rating) value below the global average MMR, the website added. Players will still be able to get a chance for a level 1 player to match with high-level players.

However, the players’ skills will be significantly lower, which could lead to more balanced matches.

In addition to Campaign Mode and Matchmaking, Ubisoft is also bringing some important fixes for the PC version of the game. As mentioned earlier by PlayStation Lifestyle, the latest update targets players who had uninstalled EAC and were receiving some issue like an error pop-up.

The said issue has prevented those players from starting “Ghost Recon” game. Thankfully, a new fix has been introduced by Ubisoft to prevent this error pop-up from coming again.

Finally, Ubisoft’s latest update brings some balancing changes on Thermal Vision. This means that Thermal Vision perk will only be made available to Support classes only. Additionally, the Thermal Vision perk can only be used on a drone.

Ubisoft brings special challenge

Last week, Ubisoft announced a special challenge and its known as "El Trio De La Mina" challenge. The new challenge is now available in "Ghost Recon Wildlands" and will be extended up to November 1.

According to ComicBook, the El Trio De La Mina is not exactly a Halloween-themed challenge.

However, it could put players’ soldier characters into special costumes, so some gamers think that it fits into that lexicon. In the new challenge, players will be exploring a scary gaming environment, filled with lethal mines. The primary mission of the player is to defeat the El Trio, who serves as a god of the underworld in the special challenge.