For several weeks now, WildCard has been shelling out mystery dossiers as part of their promotion for the soon to be released "Aberration" DLC for "ARK: Survival Evolved." Another creature has been teased this week and this could be one of the scariest-looking mutations yet.

Blood smeared dossier

Among the four creatures that were tipped by Wildcard, the new dossier is the most intriguing by far. In the new image, the new species is very much gnarly-looking, not to mention the splatter of blood that almost covered the torn image. This serves somewhat of a forewarning for "ARK" players that this upcoming "Aberration" beast is something not to mess with.

The creature has an Alien-like head alongside some fin-looking features on its posterior portion. It's also noticeable that it has a huge horn on its nose, similar to that of a rhino, not to mention that its head is obviously plated with armor.

Since most of the "Aberration" creatures are likely to be hybrids, it is believed that this animal might be a fast mover on both land and water. Its tail is barbed with spikes and it is expected that it will be used as a form of weapon.

Nameless Queen?

"ARK" pundits who saw the new dossier reminded them of the Blue-Eyes White Dragon monster ka spirit, from the anime "Yu-Gi-Oh!." Looking closely though to one of the teaser photos for "Aberration," it is quite convincing that this is the dossier for the creature known as the Nameless Queen.

However, some players suggest that this could be just one of the monarch's minions.

Xbox One servers, Play Anywhere, and CrossPlay

Meanwhile, Wildcard also announced that rentable servers for Xbox One will be available on October 25 and will be supplied by Nitrado. The developer also stated that they will provide further details about its process, adding that they will provide a landing page to "collect interest." The game maker further explained that the delay was due to "some extra loose ends that they need to tie up with Microsoft and Nitrado." Wildcard went on by stating that the patch will be getting official Xbox One X support.

Wildcard also broke the news that the CrossPlay feature includes the launch of "ARK" on Xbox. Play Anywhere will be bogged down until November.

They pointed out that the reason behind the delay was due to their belief that it is essential to get the BattlEye up and running on Microsoft's platform.

"ARK's" "Aberration" DLC is all set to go live sometime this month. In the meantime, check out a video about "ARK: Survival Evolved" here: