"ARK: Survival Evolved" fans were given a treat over the weekend as Studio Wildcard rolled out another dose of its "ARK Evolution Event++." The developer also posted additional details about the game's upcoming downloadable content.

Stieglitz responds

Wildcard recently set up a Q & A session where hardcore fans of the game asked interesting inquiries about "ARK" especially with the "Aberration" content. The most interesting ones were then answered by none other than the game's Lead Designer, Programmer, and Creative Director – Jeremy Stieglitz.

The session took off with a question as to whether the DLC will have a boss just like the one in "Ascension?" Stieglitz responded on a positive note adding that it will also have an '"Ascension' level and a narrative-advancing ending."

He also revealed that the contents that were obtained in "Aberration" like zip lines, ice picks and what-not can be carried over to other ARKs.

Additionally, Stieglitz mentioned that the new tools that will be acquired in the new content are designed to adapt to other ARKs.

Creepy 'Alien' taming

For those wondering about the taming process, the lead designer revealed that most of the upcoming creatures will have the same taming process. Stieglitz further explained that there are some that are a bit "crazy" to tame. He even highlighted a new creature that requires "xenomorphic impregnation" and "chest-bursting" just like the ones in the "Alien" film franchise.

In line with this, he also tipped about areas within the new ARK known as Element Chambers. These are said to be zones within the map where intense radiation is found. Also, players can have a huge chance at unearthing and obtaining Element Ore.

However, he gave a heads up about the aggressive creatures that lurk that side of the map.

Stieglitz assured players that there will be a Hazard Suit that will "counter-act" the broken ARK's extreme conditions. He made it clear though, that albeit its ability to mitigate radiation and other environmental factors of the ARK, its durability decreases while in use.

As for PvE fanatics of the game, Stieglitz stated that "Aberration" will be the most PvE-oriented expansion of the game so far.

He added that it will have a "more unique non-natural mythos landmarks," to discover alongside a richer story development.

On legacy servers

Probably one of the most important questions that was asked during the session was whether the "Aberration" DLC would have legacy servers? Stieglitz then responded with a "yes" which definitely brought a sigh of relief to fans under those servers. "ARK: Survival Evolved's" "Aberration" DLC will be released sometime next month. Check out a video about the game here: