One of the most highly anticipated upcoming additions to the hit asymmetrical horror title” Friday the 13th: The Game,” is the Part IV, Jason. Recently, its creator, Wes Keltner, flaunted the new iteration of Jason Vorhees. In addition, a new image for the upcoming version of the game’s main character is also shared online. As the hype builds up, fans are now wondering when the new playable Jason would arrive.

Latest image

Recently, the official Twitter account of “Friday the 13th: The Game” shared an image of Jason Vorhees with roman numerals below indicating four.

This triggered speculation among fans that the new playable Jason, previously teased by the game developers is finally coming to the game.

In addition to the new image, game creator Wes Keltner also shared a gif on his official Twitter account welcoming Part IV Jason home. This new variation of the game’s main character was first confirmed through a trailer released in the early part of September. Part IV Jason will arrive with unique stats and new kills that will set him apart from other iterations.

New weapons

The new playable version of the iconic killer will be released equipped with a new weapon.

YouTube content creator Slash ‘N Cast previously revealed this information. The team claims to have received the information as well as the first look of this new weapon from the game creator himself, Wes Keltner. While the other versions of Jason Vorhees use machetes, spears, and axes, the upcoming version will utilize a pig splitter.

It is shown as handy and lethal weapon perfect for splitting the heads of escaping Counselors.

Special chase music

In addition to the new weapon, Part IV Jason will also have his own chase music. The title’s co-creator Robby Hobbs on Twitter confirmed this information. In an interaction with a fan, the co-creator disclosed that the much-awaited variation of the iconic killer would have its own special music while running after Counselors.

Release date

Gun Media and Illfonic have not yet provided the timeline for the arrival of Part IV Jason in “Friday the 13th: The Game.” However, if we based on the DLC Roadmap on the game’s official website, it appears that it comes after the release of the Spring Break 1984 Clothing Pack. The pack has been launched in the game several days ago, and players are already enjoying their Counselors’ new outfits. It will be just a matter of time that players will finally get their hands on the new playable version of the iconic killer.