October is just around the corner as "ARK: Survival Evolved" fans have been longing to traverse the game's upcoming downloadable content dubbed the "Aberration." A new dossier has been teased yet again by Studio Wildcard and this could be the creepiest-looking by far.

The weirdest so far

Wildcard tweeted another image of an upcoming creature that is believed to be included in the content. The new dossier is quite difficult to figure out as the photo was torn.

Per the latest tease, the yet to be named "Aberration" species has a slender body. Its short limbs are equipped with huge claws/talons that are believed to be used to grasp its food or prey.

The pair of larger appendages has wing-like features suggesting that the creature might fly. However, it has been confirmed by Wildcard that the next game segment will not showcase any flyers.

Fans might remember that the teaser trailer for the "Aberration" expansion featured an underwater environment. That being said, it can be assumed that this might be an aquatic creature since it can be observed that there are also fin-like outgrowths on its back.

The weirdest feature of the new species is probably its head - especially its mouth part.

Its mouth has short tentacles on it that might be used for latching onto some smaller animals. The "ARK" community shared their opinions about this weird creature. Most of them stated that the new species looks like a hybrid between a bat and the cosmic entity know as Cthulhu.

Double whammy weekend

Meanwhile, the "ARK: Evolution Event++" is live once again for the rest of the weekend, as the players' progress within the game will be doubled until Monday, September 25.

It was also announced that the Xbox patch version 762 is ready for download. The new update has a size of 12.97GB with an additional 780MB for "Scorched Earth."

Xbox One players can finally get their hands on a couple of animal companions (Lutra Peloso and the Phoenix) including an updated Ice Wyvern model.

The new game tweak also brought in fixes to the game like the invisible dino bug.

Version 270 (PC)

PC players also got a new update (version 270) and it is now ready for download. The latest tweak is said to include TEK items and the redeployment of "ARK's" official servers.

"ARK's" "Aberration" DLC still has no definite release date. However, Wildcard stated that it will be rolled out this October. Check out a video about the game here: