Nintendo announced its latest mobile game for iOS and Android devices, dubbed “Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp.” The new installment in the video game series will be free-to-play with an in-app purchases support and will arrive sometime in late November.

The main game of the series tasks gamers to be in charge of their village, which is occupied by anthropomorphic animal characters. Although the video game series don’t feature a story or a conclusion, the focal point of the players is to help villagers collect fruits and build structures, among others.

Players can build their own home as well as customize their characters.

For the new “Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp” mobile game, the Japanese tech company, decided to make some modifications. Instead of having supervisory control in a small village, gamers will be tasked to control a single campsite. Android Police reported that the game’s iteration resembles the sandbox video game, “Happy Home Designer.”

Players of the new mobile game will have to gather resources for their campsites, such as fruits and woods. Items that players can craft for their campsite include decorative items and furniture. According to GameSpot, players of the new installment will have to speak to the blue alpaca Cyrus to craft their item.

Once a player crafted an item, it can be used to decorate the interior of the player’s camper or place it around the player’s campsite.

Since players of the “Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp” have a camper, it can also be utilized to travel to other areas in the mobile game. Other spots that gamers can visit include a forest, an island, river, and a beach.

In spite of that, players are not allowed to build a camp in those locations.

Main in-game currency

Just like the previous games in the series, the main in-game currency of the new mobile game is Bells. The main in-game currency can be utilized to purchase clothing, decorations, furniture as well as other customization items.

Players can only earn the currency by completing tasks or helping animals. Items can be purchased in the Market Place, which is managed by the Able Sisters, Timmy and Tommy.

Mobile game to have seasonal events

The mobile game also features another in-game currency called Leaf Tickets. Players can earn these Leaf Tickets through gameplay. Furthermore, the new mobile game will be offering software updates and seasonal events. Stay tuned.