Exclusive Raid battles, otherwise known as EX raid battles are due for a change, as confirmed by 'Pokemon Go' developer Niantic in a tweet published on Tuesday. After weeks of testing out the invitation-only multiplayer feature, Niantic is now working on improving it after criticism from the players.

Random Premium Raid pass distribution

The beta version EX-raid battles immediately drew criticism from active players of 'Pokemon Go' during its launch last month.

Unlike normal raids, exclusive raid battles require players to participate regularly in the co-operative gym feature. In addition, Niantic seemingly distributed the Premium Raid pass invitations randomly, so no one was guaranteed a chance at the rarer version. As a result, players who won a single normal raid battle will get a Premium Raid pass, while those who battle high-level Pokemon regularly at varying gyms will get nothing. Some players have even claimed that they have endlessly been raiding without getting a Premium Raid pass. Additionally, exclusive raid battles are typically tied to specific locations, so even getting a Premium Raid pass does not assure participation in EX raid battles.

Some legendary Pokemon appear only in EX Raids

Another thing 'Pokemon Go' players are upset about is the fact that some legendary Pokemon such as Mewtwo are exclusively available in EX raid battles. This means that not getting an invitation will debar players from completing the Pokedex and catching all Pokemon. Meanwhile, the legendary bird Pokemon Ho-Oh is expected to emerge anytime soon in the game.

What changes are going to be made?

It is still unclear which aspects of the EX raid battles feature Niantic is going to tweak, but the players have been constantly complaining about why there are no indications as to how many raids one has to complete in order to get a Premium Raid pass? Players have also protested against the raid times which fall under work days.

While there are many who have spoken up against some aspects of the new feature, it is important to reiterate that the battle system is still in its testing stage.

Some players have even called to put an end to the EX raid system altogether as it is allegedly divisive, frustrating, and serve no clear purpose in the game, but to promote elitism. However, the new feature will most likely not go anywhere as improvements are already being worked on by Niantic. It will be interesting to see what changes will be made in the battle system in the coming weeks. What aspects do you want to see changed? Share your thoughts in the comments section.