Studio Wildcard's recent Community Crunch teased a new dossier that is believed by many to be the Rock Drake. It also provided new details about the upcoming content - "Aberration" as it was revealed by no other than the game studio's co-founder Jeremy "Drake" Stieglitz.

Wildcard has rolled out another question and answer session with Stieglitz as they picked some of the noteworthy inquiries from their gaming community for the lead designer to respond to. Now that it is believed that the "Aberration" DLC could be dropped anytime soon, most of the questions are in line with the upcoming game segment.

Spilling the beans

Per the Community Crunch post, Stieglitz revealed that "ARK" was mainly influenced by the 2002 miniseries - "Dinotopia" and the 80s animated series of "Dino Riders." He also added that Steven Spielberg's "Jurassic Park" played a huge part in the development of their game.

Tek Armor fans are in for a treat by the time "Aberration" drops as the lead designer assured them that these items will still be present in the DLC. He further explained that some of these armor sets "will do different things" and not just Plasma Blasters.

Stieglitz also highlighted that Engrams are "ARK" bound and these will be made available to all tiers (Primitive, TEK, and Modern). He even hinted on what a couple of these tiers will be getting as soon as "Aberration" goes live this month.

According to the lead designer, the Modern tier will be getting these so-called "batteries" that will help players power up electrical structures and other small items "on the go." The Primitive tier, on the other hand, will be getting "pliers" that will be essential for repairing various metal items and a new method of capturing and taming fishes.

The Q&A session also pointed out that "Aberration's" weather system will not include rain since it's inside a broken ARK. However, Stieglitz hinted that there will be different weather events within that new ARK.

More teasers

The Wildcard co-owner even went on stating that they will be rolling out a couple of teaser trailers prior to "Aberration's" release.

He stated that both of the sizzler reels will be in-engine adding that they will be releasing a follow-up to the previously released "ARK" live action teaser.

Studio Wildcard still hasn't shelled out a definite release date for "ARK's" "Aberration" DLC. Faithfuls are advised to check on the game's website for the latest news about "ARK: Survival Evolved." Watch a video about the game here: