As Sony continues to dominate the console market during this generation, the massive multimedia company has set its sights on the future. This November, Microsoft will release the Xbox One X, which is touted as the most powerful gaming console in the business. As Sony already released the PlayStation 4 Pro, their only realistic option to challenge this upcoming competitor is to just go ahead and bring on the next-generation gadget.

When will the PlayStation 5 be released?

Rumors suggest that Sony is eyeing a 2018 release for the PlayStation 5. In all honesty, this does seem early, as the PS4 and PS4 Pro are both doing well and the latter was only just released.

E3 has also come and gone, which would have been the ideal place to announce the new console. As seen with the PlayStation 3 and Xbox One, it cannot be underestimated just how crucial a successful launch program is for the long term success of a console. Even though both the Sony and Microsoft consoles sold well enough at the tail end of their run, the poor start saw them trailing the competition for their entire run.

It is being suggested that a new Gran Turismo title is already in the works for the PlayStation 5; or to be exact, a port of the PS4 version is in the pipeline. Hopefully, Sony hold back from kickstarting the next generation until they have a few proper titles available. This generation has seen a huge increase in remastered ports, so it is not unreasonable to fear that the launch lineup for the next generation would consist only of PS4 ports.

What about the Xbox One X?

First things first, the Xbox One X is not a brand new console. This is not a WII U situation, instead, consider Microsoft's new toy as the big brother of the Xbox One and Xbox One S. At this moment, it does not seem like there will be any exclusive titles. So, what is its selling point? The Xbox One X is all about that 4K entertainment.

When released, it will reign as the most powerful console on the market, therefore any game played on it should offer a superior experience to its older counterpart.

Sony offers the same option with the PS4 Pro, although the upgrade for the new Microsoft console is more substantial than that of the PlayStation. As Microsoft has struggled to leave its mark on this generation's market, the excitement surrounding the Xbox One X might be due players hoping that this will give the company the boost it needs.

Although pre-orders are currently not available, it will be available for purchase from November 7.