Sony Corporation and Sony Interactive Entertainment recently announced that the previous PlayStation President and CEO Andrew House has stepped down. The game company has appointed SIE Deputy President John Kodera as the new one.

Sony has also announced that there will be new big game announcements later. They will be announcing a lot of announcements for new games this coming Paris Games Week. Hopefully there will be news about upcoming video games that many gamers are looking out for.

John Kodera steps up as new President and CEO

The popular game company has recently revealed that Kodera has now become the new President and CEO, effective immediately.

House, on the other hand, will be taking on the role as a Chairman of the game company. He will slowly leave the operational management, but he will stay with his new role until the current fiscal year is done for a smooth transition.

Kodera will be taking on the operational leadership for the game company’s network services and their video games in its business part. He will still be reporting directly to the Kaz Hirai, CEO of Sony Corporation as a whole.

House wants to pursue other new challenges out there

Aside from his previous position, House is also leaving his position as Sony’s Executive Vice President. He has stated that he left the position to find new types of challenges out there in the world.

He had a long career in this company, which lasted for 27 years already.

In 2011, House took the position as the President and CEO of SIE. He was the public face of the game company for so long now. Gamers were anxious to see his presence on stage at every conference because he would always bring good news to everyone.

Sony Corporation President and CEO thanks House

Hirai thanked House for his service as the one leading Sony Computer Entertainment since 2011. He was confident that he left that branch of the company to a capable leader and he has proven it. He also thanked House for his contributions in making PlayStation evolve.

House also gave a statement that he was proud of what they have built with PlayStation and SIE.

He said that he will remember the people he has worked with and the friends that he had made during his stay. He also thanked the fans and the gamers all around the world for their support.

Sony promises new game announcements

In other Sony related news, the game company announced that there will be big game announcements and updates later at Paris Games Week. These announcements will be for both PlayStation 4 and PlayStation VR games. Hopefully, there will be some big announcements for some upcoming games like “Monster Hunter World,” “Red Dead Redemption 2,” or perhaps a glimpse of Final Fantasy VII Remake.”

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