Completing the Prestige Nightfall will really boost your gaming experience in “Destiny 2.” You could get an Achievement, a Trophy, or even a special Aura. Currently, the Nightfall is The Inverted Spire, and there are some things you should know first before embarking on the play experience.

Some tips to help you play

It’s probably a good idea if the Power is 300. Though you can do it with less, your mileage probably won't be as good. You’ll also have to plan ahead since you can’t change weapons or subclasses. The Prestige version locks those in.

Any element that isn’t operating will have lower damage thanks to the Prism modifier. Additionally, the Nightfalls are timed, and you can only increase them with the Timewarp modifier. And finally, the Timewarp makes it so that you need to finish a certain task so you can add seconds to the timer.

Make sure that your team is well set up before you launch into the Prestige Nightfall. Do a split three-ways where one player has the Void and Arc, another has the Solar and Void, and the last has the Arc and Solar. That way, two of the players can dispense the largest amount of damage possible.

If you want to extend the timer and add 30 seconds, make sure you get rid of all the enemies before starting the Timewarp Rings.

Leave the first one alone until you kill the enemies.

When you start the Nightfall, you’ll want to clear two areas out at the same time. Do this by allowing one player to skip the starting phase by heading to the right. They can do that by using their Vex cannons or their Sparrow. The other two can empty out the beginning location and call a Ghost to make a path.

In the main battlefield, it’s best if you stick to the sides. Launch an attack of the Cabal Majors by going through the gaps. Take down the big Cabal. Then start getting the rings. After that, launch to the drill. Make sure to activate the terminal. Die and then respawn. Then jump into the cannon.

In the drilling section, it’s probably best if you jump through the ring and start collecting.

In the cavern, leave one person at the top. One player should stay low, and another one should be on the platform on the right. Collect as many rings as you can.

Defeating the Boss

Save the Supers in this first phase of the fight. Instead, use the elemental weapons. Also, watch out for the Voice damage cycle since the Harpies can wreak havoc on your health easily.

Watch out when the Boss makes lava by slamming down. You’ll have to jump to miss the harm that this could potentially cause on the second platform. Make sure you stay on the periphery and use your weapons to take him out.

When you are in the last phase, make sure you activate your Super after the damage cycle begins. This will increase the damage output. Clear adds that are in between the Supers and make the Orbs of Light for your friends.