Microsoft just added seven new titles on the Xbox One backwards compatibility list but certain players may not have access to all six games according to Aotf. These titles include "Monopoly Deal," "Saints Row: The Third," "Super Contra," "Slender: The Arrival," and "Undertow." The sixth game that will be added is called "Virtual-On", but this game will only be available throughout Japan. The support of BC feature in the region has been a struggle after the Xbox consoles fail to make significant sales in the region. Sony and Nintendo, however, are two competing platforms in the country.

Previous BC Feature titles

Microsoft recently slowed down in releasing backwards compatibility titles. A few weeks ago, the company released three Telltale games mainly "The Walking Dead," "The Walking Dead: Season 2," and "The Walking Dead: Michonne." While the latest titles didn't have a Triple A game factor, Xbox 360 players are given the chance to still play their favorite games on the Xbox One console.

Nearly two years ago, Microsoft launched the Xbox One backwards compatibility feature to further keep Xbox players from migrating to rival consoles. It also gave players the opportunity to keep their Xbox 360 games and still be able to play despite getting a newer version of the console. According to Microsoft, as much as they want to migrate most Xbox 360 games on the Xbox One console, they find "game licensing" as a challenging task.

Apparently, not all game developers are willing to update their games to the current gen console.

Triple 'A' games on the backwards compatibility list

Some of the biggest games that arrived on the Xbox One console include "Red Dead Redemption," "The Mass Effect Trilogy," "The BioShock Trilogy," "Skate 3," "Call of Duty: Black Ops 2," and much more.

As for the RDR game, Rockstar has announced the creation of "Red Dead Redemption 2." "RDR2" is expected to tell the story of the incidents that led to the "Red Dead Redemption." A look back in time, fans are entranced with this Western combat style that is currently one of the most popular games on the backwards compatible list.

Currently, the Xbox One backwards compatibility feature has over 400 titles on its list. Microsoft plans to continue to expand the content for as long as players support the feature. In order to have your favorite Xbox 360 game on the Xbox One console, make sure to vote for your favorite title on the Xbox website.