Doomfist was released a month and a half ago, and a lot of players still don't know how to use him properly. Even though he is an offense hero, Doomfist's hitbox is huge which makes him an easy target. Fortunately, if used properly, Doomfist can deal Massive Damage to the opposing team and be a one-man wrecking crew!

In this guide, you can get some quick tips on how to play against every single "Overwatch" hero with Doomfist.

Offense heroes

While a 1v1 duel between two Doomfist players comes down to who plays better with the hero, it is important to not use your ultimate ability before the other Doomfist.

Use your ultimate shortly after the opposing Doomfist uses it as it will allow you to kill him while landing on him.

When it comes to Genji, use everything but primary fire to eliminate him. Genji can reflect Doomfist's primary fire, so you shouldn't use it against him. When going up against McCree and Reaper, use your Rocket Punch to cancel their ultimates. In addition, use the punch to keep Reaper away while he is in wraith form. Soldier: 76 is capable of dealing massive damage to Doomfist to distance, so make sure you use Seismic Slam to approach him and take him down.

While Pharah is a great counter to Doomfist and will give him a hard time, the hero can take her down by using a high ground and Uppercut.

While in the air, Doomfist can either shoot or punch Pharah to eliminate her. Sombra is also a decent counter, so make sure you attack her after she translocates. When it comes to Tracer, Doomfist can survive her Sticky Bomb by using his ultimate ability. Furthermore, he can charge Rocket Punch halfway to take Tracer down if she hits the wall.

Defense heroes

Using Rocket Punch, Doomfist can knock Bastion back in sentry form. When fighting Hanzo, use your skills to run away from him as his scatter arrow is deadly and could easily take you down. However, if you are closing in on Junkrat, make sure you avoid his traps or they will stop you and neutralize your abilities.

You should do the same with Mei and her Ice Wall since it can block most of his damage.

Doomfist is useful when taking down Torbjorn's turrets. Although the punch deals only 100 damage to the turrets, use it to close in on them, then use primary fire to destroy them.

Finally, when fighting Widowmaker, make sure you stay out of her sight. Doomfist's huge hitbox makes him an easy target for the sniper, so you have to avoid her. However, try to get close to her with your abilities and take her down.

Tank heroes

Rocket Punch is useful when fighting D.Va as it can cancel her Call Mech ability. If you hit baby D.Va from behind or her side while she's calling a mech, you will cancel her animation, which will allow you to eliminate her easily.

However, the punch is useless against Orisa as she can use her Fortify ability against it. Try to bait her into using it early, then take her down once the ability is on cooldown.

Doomfist can also cancel Reinhardt's charge with his punch, which is useful for saving teammates. The punch is also great for dealing damage to Winston, so don't be afraid to get into a 1v1 fight with him and use all your abilities on him. You will probably take him down quickly and your shields will allow you to survive his attacks.

The offense hero should, however, avoid fighting Roadhog. This tank hero can deal a lot of close-range damage, which makes him one of the best counters for Doomfist. Lastly, avoid Zarya's Graviton Surge as it will render your abilities useless.t

Support heroes

Ana's sleep dart is an effective ability for neutralizing Doomfist, so make sure you avoid it.

When it comes to Lucio, don't bother chasing him while he's wall riding as he is extremely difficult to catch.

However, Doomfist's ultimate ability can be used effectively against Mercy and Symmetra. Use it to quickly eliminate revived enemies or to destroy Symmetra's teleporter or shield generator.

At the end, don't run away from Zenyatta's Transcendence. Rocket Punch can deal massive damage and this ability can still one-shot anyone who has under 300 health, even during Zenyatta's ultimate ability.