Psyonix has long hinted at the Autumn update for "Rocket League" and now fans can look forward to its newly announced release date of September 28. The upcoming Autumn update will feature a slew of new content and features, which are guaranteed to excite players of the game. Some of the awesome new things to look forward to including new banners, a new arena, and a new setting. According to Gamespot, Psyonix took to their official website to announce the arrival of the Autumn update on September 28, outlining all the new content to look forward to.

Update will feature new Farmstead arena

In Psyonix's "Rocket League" Autumn update, players will be able to play in a new seasonal arena called the Farmstead, which is a free arena arriving at Competitive, Casual, and Private matches for a limited time only. It's set in a rural farm where harvest season is taking place and players can engage in rocket-powered competitions. In addition to the new arena, players will also be able to explore standard arena versions of the previously released Wasteland and Starbase Arc, but for those who prefer the standard versions of both arenas, it will be available for Private and offline matches. Additionally, players can also explore the snowy version of the Mansfield arena, as well as daytime versions of the Champions Field and DFH Stadium.

New customization options

"Rocket League" players will be able to get their hands on several new customization options in the form of player banners when the Autumn update arrives on September 28. These banners are described as unique graphics featured in their name and in-game title which also appear during goal replays and the post-game celebration screen.

When the Autumn update arrives, it will introduce 90 free customization options through the Uncommon, Rare, and Very Rare drops following online matches.

Jäger 619 RS coming via the Accelerator Crate

"Rocket League"'s Autumn update will also see the arrival of the Jäger 619 RS, which will become available as a drop inside the Accelerator Crate.

The new vehicle is a Battle-Car inspired by European racers and speedways. It will also come with unlockable items such as a Rare Pearlescent matte paint finish, Very Rare hot rocks trail, Import boost power-shot, Exotic chrono wheels, Black Market popcorn goal explosion.

The upcoming Autumn update for "Rocket League" will be available on September 28 for all platforms. The vehicular soccer video game from Psyonix is now available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, OS X, Linux, and Nintendo Switch.