Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon” are slated for release on Nintendo 3DS in less than two months. In its bid to whet the appetite of fans for the incoming role-playing games, the Pokemon Company and Nintendo revealed fresh details on their best new features.

When the Nintendo 3DS exclusive titles launch in November, they will come with a new Island Challenge and more than 400 discoverable Pokemon. Players can also expect new areas in the Alola Region, enjoy the Alola Photo Club, and other exciting changes.

Island Challenge

In Sun And Moon,” trainers already take part in the Island Challenge.

But this feature will return in “Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon” and introduce a new set of challenges including the addition of new Trial.

The Island Challenge will see players facing some trouble that involves the Legendary beast Necrozma. Throughout this challenge, trainers get to encounter mysterious pocket monsters and people as new danger looms in the Alolga region.

400 + Pokemon to discover

The new games will also feature more than 400 Pokemon to discover. Game publisher Nintendo revealed that the majority of these creatures were not part of the “Sun and Moon” games.

It is noted, however, that the appearance of some Pokemon will be based on what games are being played. One good example is that in the same area, Houndoom will appear in “Ultra Sun” while Manectric will show up in “Ultra Moon.”

New areas in Alola

Another fun feature in the upcoming Pokemon games for 3DS is it will also allow the players to ride the ocean waves with Mantine in the new Mantine Surf.

This will help trainers to get from an island to another in the Alola region.

Apart from that, trainers will get to engage in some sort of sport in which they compete for who gets the highest score in their best-surfing moves.

Alola Photo Club

Players will also enjoy the Alola Photo Club as another new feature in the incoming Pokemon titles for 3DS.

They can snap photos together with their Pokemon and select their coolest outfits, poses, and backgrounds to create the cutest pictures.

Also, they can choose some nice frames and use some of the 100 stickers available to come up with the best photos. Then, gamers can share these photos with other players via communication features on 3DS systems.

It is worth noting that “Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon” will be compatible with Pokemon Global Link. The two video games will launch globally on Nintendo 3DS on November 17, 2017.