There are lots of bugs and glitches that “Pokemon Go” players encounter while enjoying the game. The majority of these bugs is game-breaking and causes frustrations and disappointments to players. However, some bugs are fun, interesting and sometimes give players an undue advantage. The newly discovered bug in the popular augmented reality title falls into this category as it allows players to play the game differently.

Accidental discovery

A user named [deleted] shared on Reddit, that it has accidentally discovered a bug that allows the Redditor to play “Pokemon Go” in Landscape mode.

Niantic Labs created the mobile game and designed it to be played in Portrait mode. A user enjoying the title on iOS accidentally activated the landscape mode of the game, and other players liked it. Some even looked for ways on how to recreate the issue to enjoy the mode for themselves.

How to activate the landscape mode

If you are using an iOS device, you must first open the game while holding the device sideways. After that, tap the Pokeball and go to the Settings menu. Select the text that reads, Report a High Priority Issue. Do this before choosing the yes option. This will open the Safari web browser. After that hit the Home button on the device and open the game again, by this time, it will load in landscape mode.

On the other hand, if you are on Android, download first the free app named Set Orientation in the Google Play. This app will help you trigger the screen orientation that you prefer.


While players are enjoying the landscape mode, there are several tips that they revealed to warn those who plan also to play the game this way.

According to some players, the game is much harder to play in this mode. The icons of the game are larger, and it 's hard to play the game with one hand.

Fans have been requesting that the developer implement the landscape mode. However, after a year of requesting, it seems that it will not yet be officially implemented. Currently, the developer is hard at work developing the PvP and trading features that will soon be introduced in the popular augmented reality title.

EX Raid

Meanwhile, recently Niantic Labs sent out more EX Raid Passes to numerous players in Europe and Asia. The field testing for the EX Raid Battle in “Pokemon Go” is being expanded and extended. This means that Mewtwo’s expected arrival to the game will be delayed. Stay tuned for more updates.