Two years afterRainbow Six Siege launched on PS4, Xbox One, and PC platforms, Ubisoft revealed its plans to pour in continued support and new content for the popular tactical shooter title into the next few years.

The remarkable success of the “Tom Clancy” title is a lovely surprise, something that the game publisher had not projected when it launched back in December 2015. However, longevity is part of the studio’s vision for “Rainbow Six Siege.”

Longevity is important

As reported by Segment Next, Ubisoft said in a statement that the team has mapped out its plans for long-term support concerning the game’s future.

The company spokesperson reiterated their commitment to support and sustain the game as long as the gaming community continues to enjoy the fun it brings. “Longevity was always very important to us. Since we started building the game, we kept thinking about how it would evolve over time with our support and the community.”

What to expect next

Payers can anticipate more exciting stuff to flow in the second year of “Siege” with new content after "Operation Blood Orchid." This includes more operators, new maps, revamping some existing maps, and pushing the game’s Meta some more.

For Ubisoft, it is essential to keep its focus on concreting the foundation and general health of the game. It is the main reason behind the addition of new matchmaking system, more powerful servers, and its new deployment philosophy.

It means it must first get all new content through the technical test servers (TTS).

Notably, the development also launched the Alpha Packs, which offer rewards to all its players who use their play time in the tactical shooter title.

Patch 1.39 is live

Ubisoft talked about continuous support, and Update 1.39 is out now and available for download on current-gen consoles as well as PC.

The latest Patch aims to fix several issues, which include collisions.

It also addresses a negative XP bug on PlayStation 4 and provides a permanent fix to Renown in the Lone Wolf Terrorist Hunt. Moreover, the additional logs for rubberbanding data gathering or investigation are also to be added.

Apparently, it is only a small update but still, it’s great to see the efforts of the team to squash some nasty bugs to maintain a smooth gaming experience for players.

Interestingly, “Rainbow Six Siege” sales on consoles continue to rise, with PS4 as the platform with the highest copies sold.